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    Kim Jong Un reportedly in a coma as his sister Kim Yo Jong takes control

    If she gets to be a problem China will step in.
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    Arnold Statue Defaced

    WTF? Is this why they check to see if you are 18 before buying spray paint?
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    Greg's hijack thread

    Great show Nick Best inspired me to go back to lifting in my 50's after 8 years off. The guys on the show are not just strong but also funny. No season 2 in the works.
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    Essential Businesses ONLY: Liquor Stores Open and Gyms Closed?

    Follow the Money, liquor is taxed. Not to mention the lobby power they have in DC.
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    Elbow sleeves?

    I am wondering what time you might think to take off? Right now I am at the end of my bench cycle and almost the end of the dead lift. I thought of dropping to a 60% to 75% work out plan for a month. I don't take anything for enhancement.
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    Elbow sleeves?

    I'll check this out. So far I'm using glucosamine/chondroitin. Time to look around at alternatives to go with it. Thanks for the info
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    Elbow sleeves?

    Do elbow sleeves help with tendinitis? If so what ones? I am back to lifting after 8 years off and I am in my 50's. Great gains so far in terms of strength gains. I am training for power lifting as a goal. But now I have tendinitis in my elbow coming on. With the big push currently being Bench...
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    AOL are thieves

    Just need to vent and would like to spread the word about how "good" AOL is. My Mother has passed on but I still get email from her. I for a while could not find a way to get in touch with America on line to tell them that her account was hacked. I finally, after a few phone calls got in. The...
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    substituting accessory exercises each week?

    I recently changed over my workout from doing the same core exercises every week to pushing some auxillery exercises that go well with the core ( bench, squat, deadlift) my core is now stronger because I could focus on some week points and I think the swap up gained more than the same workout...
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    New guy check in

    Thanks to all it is good to be back. Finally gave up smoking (again) 7 months ago and now its good to get back in shape.
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    Bench weight takes a dive

    Yea I am going to unload a bit and do some lower weights for a while. I pushed the big three and almost no auxiliary exercise so I'll do that for now.MY diet should be OK I try to eat well and keep up on whey shakes vitamins and plenty of water. This could be a good time to back off as I have a...
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    Bench weight takes a dive

    I just got back into lifting 7 months ago or so and I am working on power lifting as a hobby. At first I was heavy into Bench for a 11 week cycle where 3 weeks are into 5 sets of ten then it goes down to a final week of sets of 6, 4, 3 2, and 1. I got great results . My workout was bench/squat...
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    New guy check in

    Just wanted to check in before I post. I am back to lifting after a long time out and now I am into Power lifting as a hobby.