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    One more thing.... speak to a registered dietician and get professional advice. I also followed the process above with high-carb option. However, I was also taking supplements to strength my immune system. Here's a site to help you get started.
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    I want to shout how much I love keto diet! I can't believe I spent the first 27 years of my life eating a high carb diet. Not only the weight loss, but the mental clarity, the athletic endurance I gained, and the positive effects on my body (digestion, hair, skin, and fertility) were icing on...
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    What is the relationship between physical fitness and health?

    Thank you! I think its an important conversation for us to have.
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    Skimmed milk powder, is there any point?

    I would use whole milk, the extra saturated fat does wonders for you. Milk is mostly casein protein, which is slow digesting.