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    Auction for 600$ !!! here is the link

    Great opportunity to get some great gear for a fraction of the cost.
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    Contest time !!!

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    ****z team, who all wants shirts with uncle z logo****
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    order from legned pharmeucitcals

    Use or PM me. There is a 12 hour difference to your time zone brother just so you are aware.
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    order from legend pharmaceuticals

    Get your post count up to 10 bro and PM me or another rep. Every source has a troll it seems so do not mind this guy^^^^
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    Is this allowed!?

    Link to pics of product?
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    14 sets per muscle group. Is this too many?

    If they are not smoked after 9 sets with good form and decent weight then you need to rethink your routine.
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    LEGEND BLOODWORK - need help to post

    Good man getting bloods!
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    RAW Power -- Strength Sports Contest Announcement !!!

    Good luck to everyone who participates in this contest. I wanna see some sick numbers come 6 weeks
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    Contest time! Come get some...

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    Soy Protein Isolate

    Soy protein = bitch tits
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    Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper Cuts Off His Own Penis, Attempts Suicide

    He dismembered his member! Retard:suicide:
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    Ultimate Warrior - Dead at 54 R.I.P James Hellwig (Ultimate Warrior)
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    Contest Hardcorepeptides

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    Contest Hardcorepeptides

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    Legend gear?

    A little research and you will see that alot of members are satisfied.
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    Would You Hit It?

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    Would You Hit It?

    Sucks that she has that disease but whats the two heffers excuse below twiggy?