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  1. KIING

    KinGs BPC-157 Log

    BPC-157 Which is a peptide and i got mine from Evolution Peps. Im running this peptide in particular because i have a knee injury and im going to see if it help me with my injury. So hopefully it will give anyone else insight on a injury that they have.
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    30% Discount!!!

    noo everything is ansswered that i see
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    30% Discount!!!

    There dbol and anavar are great i love them and there test is top notch no pip what so ever.
  4. KIING

    30% Discount!!!

    yes i am
  5. KIING

    30% Discount!!!

    Hey everyone i have got a discount code for you over at The code is Brandon30
  6. KIING

    Best Bulking cycle

    What is your favorite compounds to put together and bulk up?
  7. KIING

    What causes high protein in your urine

    i had the same thing happen and the next test i had done was fine just dont eat alot of protein before the test
  8. KIING

    Gains to expect ?

    How much to expect to gain on a 10wk 500mg test e cycle