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  1. Jeenyus

    Steroids With No Estrogen

    WOW! Education level 0! Grapes for a diet?? No way in hell you can be serious... Let me introduce you to my friend: I will know show you how to use it: In the search box type something like "bodybuilding diet for women" or "bodybuilding for women" and "how to not be retarted". I...
  2. Jeenyus

    Welcome OfficerFarva our new AG mod!

    I left, I couldn't handle all the wanna be juice heads who think they're big acting all E tough on an online forum. Its not my fault they take insulin and every hormone known to man yet they still look like shit. Yet they always felt the need to take it out on me [emoji45]. This made Jeenyus...
  3. Jeenyus

    I am ok guys!

    Never order from a guy who can't speak English. Maybe he did send out your order, just couldn't figure out how to spell your address properly. Or Google translate made an error....
  4. Jeenyus

    100ml asia pharma only 600$--1 guy only!

    Why would anyone buy from a guy with such horrible English and grammar??? It's painful to read.
  5. Jeenyus

    Is there any way GH peptides can affect fertility?

    There is no way it will affect your fertility. Peptides induce a NATURAL GH pulse. Unless your peptides are something totally different than you have nothing to worry about. There is no negative feedback look caused by using MOD GRF/GHRPs, essentially they just improve your bodys ability to...
  6. Jeenyus

    estrogen and weak erection and sex drive

    Im betting you more than anything its high estrogen. You probably get hard than during intercourse it goes soft. Ive had this happen a bunch and it blows, I always just up my dose of AI (however I use aromasin) and usually within 2/3 days Im good to go. Id go back to .5mg EOD or even do 1mg...
  7. Jeenyus

    Free D-lats the twink (part deux)

    Just waiting for it to get out of publishing than you can pick it up at your local bookstore
  8. Jeenyus

    Free D-lats!

    Banned really? I wonder who dun it?? Not like AG isnt already boring enough....
  9. Jeenyus

    Free D-lats the twink (part deux)

    He speaks the truth though
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  11. Jeenyus

    The Bullies among us

    I'm taking charleys advice. I piss all over you and our constantly stupid E-battles (no insult intended). Continue to gang rape me if you must, I'm just a lonely dog wandering around looking for someone or something to play with. Not that I dont enjoy gettin under your skin and vise versa but...
  12. Jeenyus

    The Bullies among us

    Id love to have a repeat of SIL vs Jeenyus but we all saw your meltdown I caused last time. I don't feel like getting banned again or gang raped by your groupies. And as much as you want to try and skew the truth everyone saw it as it was on a public forum. If you wish to have an E-battle with...
  13. Jeenyus

    The Bullies among us

    -asf and IMF are essentially the same thing, same mods, same people, just different name -Never was a gimmick -Crying about me posting neg rep pms? You posted my IP and every account under than IP to try and prove im a gimmick. Id continue but my salty tears are blinding my eyes and thus I...
  14. Jeenyus

    The Bullies among us

    Don't entice SIL to post pictures, KOS pictures cause me enough eyesores
  15. Jeenyus

    The Bullies among us banned me and edited a substantial amount of my posts cuz I ripped on you Dumbed Down Version Below ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- u r bahned me boom boom i r cased mheltdownn end ehtited all mi phosts boom boom
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    The Bullies among us

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  18. Jeenyus

    The Bullies among us

    Careful reddog, apparently if you write more than 3 proper sentences you are considered to have a meltdown and write essays. dey lik it moar whn u tlk @ their eye Q leval