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    Calling all Guidos and "Bros"

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    Hello everyone!!!!

    Welcome to the best forum on the planet bro. Theres alot of good info around here..
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    Critique my routine please

    Looks like a soild routine bro..
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    best time for a shot

    I like to do it first thing in the morning... everybodys different..
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    World's Hottest Ginger

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    German Volume Training

    That workout will beat the shit out of you, but it will make you a Beast...
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    Conan 2011

    I liked the orginal movie!!!! Arnold is a bad ass....
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    I busted my right shoulder up really bad, Went on a cycle of Deca and my shoulder is better than ever.
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    Never heard of that either ..
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    Injection Site

    You should always rotate your injections...
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    X~Factor Journal (4/1/2011)

    Nice routine bro!!! Keep up the good work!!!
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    US banned commercial

    Holy shit...
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    PMs /New Guys

    Thats nice to know...
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    Clenbuterol - Reviews Good!

    I drink alot of water when I run clen, maybe a cup of coffee here and there.
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    Creatine on non-training days?

    I take after my workout..
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    Is Creatine Safe for Teens?

    good info
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    8 year old wrestling phenomenon

    Man that kids got skills ....
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    Coffee may help cut prostate cancer risk

    me too......
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    test flu?

    I had test flu a few times, that shit sucks no drugs worked for me..
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    So anyone had good results using this product