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  1. G-man

    Peptides for Tendon Repair Research

    Great info.
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    Recipe Sites

    Try these: RecipeSource: Your Source for Recipes on the Internet The Atkins Diet Weight Loss Program: Diets - Weight Loss - Nutrition
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    Metabolism kick-start Question....

    Lets clarify the question; #1. Cardio revs up your metabolism it doesnt start it. #2. An empty stomach 1st thing in the morning is not the same as an empty stomach in the afternoon. Now the answer to the question I think you are asking. Cardio 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach is the...
  4. G-man

    workout frustrations, need advice

    Its probably just in your head, the stress of moving and a new job probably has effected you psycologically and you dont realize it. Change your routine so your workouts arent so long, say 20-30 min max for a few weeks, then start working your time frame back up to your norm.
  5. G-man

    Chicken or Steak?

    I like em both, but simple economics dictates boneless skinless chicken breasts, ($1.49 lb). Then a good steak on the weekend is like a treat.
  6. G-man

    Adequan anyone?

    Because of a seperated clavicle, & stretched ligiments that cant be repaired short of fusing my shoulder. Mudge, I hope you just mean he's not around this board anymore! There was a thread that was done about Adequan earlier in the year, doesnt anyone have anything? Maybe on another board...
  7. G-man

    Adequan anyone?

    I finally found a source for Adequan and have it ordered, (expect shipment in a week). has anyone else here used it yet? If so how did you take it? What size needle? Site specific or just intramuscularly? Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  8. G-man

    List of casein protein

    Well are we suposed to guess what it is or are you going to tell us?
  9. G-man

    How much have you stocked up?

    I DID NOT STOCK UP!! But if I did I would have gotten: 400 grams 4-AD bulk powder 1 bottle 600 count M-1t 12 bottles M-OHN 6 grams M-OHN bulk powder 25 grams 1-Testosterone bulk powder 25 grams 19 Nordiol bulk powder PH are not illegal where I live, in Buffalo New Guinea!
  10. G-man

    The next champion

    Jay looks great, but it all depends on his condition at contest time.
  11. G-man

    growth factor -1 results

    octacosanol? Welcome to 1980's nutritional supplements. Now where did I put my Smilax?
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    shake mixers

    Hand-mixers Rule!! I have one at home & keep one at the office.
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    Can I take This?

    Dont waste your money, Buy some Creatine & Whey protien.
  14. G-man

    Fast Twitch vs Slow Twitch

    You have both fast & slow twitch muscle, and no its not detrimental, it would be a good thing to have more. Think of what a runner looks like; sprinter, big muscles fast and explosive, fast twitch. Marathon runner, lean stamina, slow twitch.
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    Working out with no spotter

    Thats what I do too :thumb:
  16. G-man

    Timing My Post Workout Shake

    Well if thats true then Ill just buy some at this place!!
  17. G-man

    Timing My Post Workout Shake

    Wow Slider, where did you hear this from? Im over 38 and have been putting on muscle mass, in fact easier than when I was in my teens & twenties. Wherever or whomever you got this misinformation from, I would seriously suggest you disregard for future advice.
  18. G-man

    Most effective cardio

    I like my recumbent bike because 1st thing in the morning Im half asleep and I can almost sleep & pedal at the same time. Or maybe Im just asleep dreaming Im pedalling. :hmmm:
  19. G-man

    What is a ectomorph????? Try this
  20. G-man

    Vanadyl Sulfate

    I use it with my PWS Good enough for me!