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    How the tough get going when the going is tough?

    Are you good at coping when life gets tough? Do people call you a straight-shooter? Will you help others without expecting anything in return? Those personality traits might do more than help you win a popularity contest. Your brain?s own natural painkiller chemicals may actually respond to the...
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    Mayo Clinic says normal weight with belly fat is high death risk

    I think this is important for people to know... People who are of normal weight but have fat concentrated in their bellies have a higher death risk than those who are obese, according to Mayo Clinic research. ?We knew from previous research that central obesity is bad, but what is new in this...
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    Working hard and yet no change?

    "Weight gain or loss may not always be caused by what you eat or how much you exercise. For some, it?s the medicines you?re taking. Surprisingly, certain medicines can cause significant weight changes, which can be challenging for anyone wanting to shed pounds or maintain weight." Watch...
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    University professor launches weight loss product

    How would you like to experience the effects of running three miles or staving off type two diabetes without making drastic changes in your lifestyle? Professor releases weight and sugar control products - Good to Read and Good to Know
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    get lean quick

    You can lose fat by dieting and the other way to lose fat is HIT
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    Tendonosis and bursitis

    Tendons are very slow to heal due to poor blood flow there. ICE will definitely help. It stops only for a short time and blood will rush in soon after and expand the capillaries to allow more blood flow. This is how the capillaries work - contract and expand even normally. And use Nitric Oxide...
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    Life Change

    If you want to lose fat try HIT... Three minutes of HIT
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    whats good for my wife

    Try talking erotically and get her passionately aroused. Play with her imagination. Sex in the mind, get her mind involved - it works.
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    Bruised dick after sex, why?

    If you are diabetic and your sugar levels are very high you can bruise your penis.
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    Do you do a lot of cardio along with dieting?

    Then this may be required...turning sweat into energy! Sports gear to turn sweat into energy - All Good Read - Good to Read and Good to Know
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    A bodybuilding myth debunked

    McMaster University scientists' research reveals testosterone and growth hormone released due to exercising with weights do not play an influencing role in building muscle. ------------------------------ Researchers examined both male and female participants' response to intense leg routine...
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    Blood sugar crashing during workout

    You really have to ask a good diabetes specialist on why your sugar fluctuates so much. Maybe due to the meds you take. Ask the doc.
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    Which Training websites do you use?

    I learnt a lot from Exercise & Muscle Directory
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    Run or Walk to cut fat?

    I didn't watch that but I'd say HIIT...
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    possible rotator cuff injury...??

    In my experience nobody seems to exactly know what to do though most therapists will say REST. I had a frozen shoulder which is different from your problem and resting only made it worse. It became extremely painful and sleeping at nights was next to impossible. Once I started stretching and...
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    You Can't Spot Reduce Fat!!!!!

    Those that have been working out for quite a while do get to know that you cannot spot reduce.
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    Who actually trains abs???

    Rarely do I workout the abs separately. I do think it's good to workout the abs though.
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    Female looking to gain Muscle

    I am new to the forum but old to the bodybuilding game and I wish you a warm welcome
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    Old guy starting over.

    I am new as well and I started working out again 3 years ago...