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  1. Glycomann

    Brandon Curry: The Next Bodybuilder in the Valuetainment Hot Seat

    I saw it. I was impressed. Brandon Curry is a very smart man, no question. Bet - David is a good interviewer as well. He pushes a good bit and tests his interviewee.
  2. Glycomann

    Low dose deca for joints?

    Ostarine helps post cycle for me. In a cycle sometimes I use just one vial of NPP @ 250 mg/w in the front end and that gets the ball rolling by making my old joint fell a hell of a lot better..
  3. Glycomann

    Herniated discs

    FDA is very slow to approve especially cell based treatments. You are right though. I should save my pennies and get it done.
  4. Glycomann

    BodyBuilders Who Died of Steroids. RIP

    He never posted it as far as I know. He went to the clinic and had bloods drawn on camera and said he would post results. Then he died before posting them. Plus he was a bit of a tweeker. Plus if it's true about the lbs of PMAA in his arms and shoulders that i a huge issue. It goes everywhere...
  5. Glycomann

    Herniated discs

    I have deterioration from L3 down to S1 getting worse toward the bottom. I can't squat or deadlift. Leg presses are a problem too. So I Bike ride in the mountains and do hamstrings and calves. Sounds gay but yoga helps a lot with the pain.
  6. Glycomann

    off cycle after a 2 and half year blast and cruise

    hCG at 1000 iu every 3 days for 3 weeks then 500 iu every 3 days for another 3 weeks followed by 50 mg/d clomid for an additional 4 weeks. That will get you 10 weeks into PCT. Stay off for another month or so and then get back to it. You will get your former AAS size back in 4-5 weeks. Ypuo...
  7. Glycomann

    Damaging the Aesthetic Standard - Stomach Distension - Myth vs Fact Part 1

    Damn political correctness.. they now label people that dislike enormously muscular men that look pregnant with an alien bodybuilding traditionalists. That's like saying people that dislike mass murder scenes bloodless sidewalk traditionalists.
  8. Glycomann

    First Cycle Results and Questions

    Your body goes through a normalization process. As the steroids run down estrogen becomes dominant and some of the stromal cells in your breast tissue can be triggered into growth. If this state persists long enough a nodule can form as the tissue begins to differentiate into more breast tissue...
  9. Glycomann

    cant get my penor up

    An Ai and dostinex 2x a week.
  10. Glycomann

    Swiper . . how does he do it?

    Holy GH fingers Robin!
  11. Glycomann

    What other AAS would you add for a short lean bulk?

    Test/NPP/EQ. I do it a little unconvensionally. I start out with Test/NPP and then about 6 weeks in add in 500 mh/w EQ. The lore about forever to kick in for EQ never really held weight for me. When you are on a good stiff cycle for a month or more and then add in EQ it hits right away. I've...
  12. Glycomann

    Journey to perfect physique journal

    I have to deal with that too at my age. I try to build a base with high reps for a good while first before going eventually lower in the rep range. Like for squats a couple years ago with some disk herniation and 3 knee surgeries in the past I made it a goal to get 20 reps with 315 in the free...
  13. Glycomann

    Journey to perfect physique journal

    What worked well for me years ago when I wanted to add thickness was heavy bench, deadlifts, squats, power cleans and military presses from the rack. I concentrated on those as the center piece and they worked. To this day, like after I have been off for a while and have lost size or after...
  14. Glycomann

    Am I an elitist asshole...?

    Use your inside voice.
  15. Glycomann

    The people of WalMart

    That's waht happens when Lil' Debbie cakes go on sale.
  16. Glycomann

    Do black people have better genes than white people?

    I'm pretty sure door knobs existed before 1878. I was in Ostia Antique Ancient port of Rome and they had freaking doorknobs on 2000 year old sliding doors with locks.
  17. Glycomann

    trying a new cycle, thoughts?

    the best way I've found over the years is to keep it pretty simple. Test base, primary anabolic and secondary anabolic about 6 weeks in. Example Test E and Equipoise. Add in T-bol at week 5 or 6. Adjust doses to get to your response region. That's it. Add in peptides or GH as preference. If...
  18. Glycomann

    Test dosage question

  19. Glycomann

    Current TRT protocol's. What r you running and how much?

    150 mg/w is my sweet spot but then I get greedy and add 40 mg/d of Anavar and 400 mg/w of Primo and I get big and lean and the next thing you know I'm getting nudes text to me by naughty girls and my wife takes my phone away.
  20. Glycomann

    Anavar and TRT---Gains Kept- Muscle and Strength

    After watching steroid users for more than 2 decades I have a few observations. on average, and I am speaking about most users and not those at the edges that seem to behave differently. Gains from the first cycle are usually those that are most retained. Cycles afterward are really not...