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  1. ahiggs

    Deadlift Dynamics

    1. relatively narrow conventional toes strait ahead. essentially my shins slide across the bar between the knurl 2. sticking point is off the floor 3. strongest is the lock out 4. i am 5'9" with a 28" inseam so very short legs long torso average lenth arm
  2. ahiggs


    get you some chalk seriously you won't need straps for a while unless you are doing heavy power shrugs. shrugs will add at least 40 to 50 lbs to your dead
  3. ahiggs


    thanks man!! i wish i had gotten into the iron game about 10 or 15 years ago
  4. ahiggs

    Bodyweight only question

    i don't think i would do this, but john broz has his athletes train twice a day with max out squats everyday...and that is 7 days a week!! and you cant deny he is getting results, would they be better on a split i don't know? interesting read though, not body weight excercise but 13 time a...
  5. ahiggs


    ok so, i have been training about a year and a half, i am 5'8" 208lbs 37 years old. when i started i was very week, 155lbs bench 90lb shoulder press 205'lb deadlift and 3/4 squat. right now i have 225x6 bench, 155x5 press, 405x6 deadlift, and 315x5 squats. my short term goals are 225 press...
  6. ahiggs

    Whats considered strong!

    heres that article by jim wendler on t-nation T NATION | Training Lab LiVESPILL
  7. ahiggs

    Gym scum makes me nuts!!!!!

    YouTube - For the Misc - My Gym not my gym but this is funny shit!!
  8. ahiggs

    gillian mounsey on cross fit

    i know right!! i have seen quite a few people hurt while doing this, hopfully it will run its course soon and everyone will move on to the next big thing. maybe it will be ummm train hard and get your rest?
  9. ahiggs

    gillian mounsey on cross fit
  10. ahiggs

    Gym scum makes me nuts!!!!!

    how do you figure that squats are not functional??? granted i don't often lay on my back to pick things up but bench is a huge compound movement that works far more than just your chest, so functional hell yes
  11. ahiggs

    "Hulk Hogan"

    hahaha didn't realize that this was a 6 year old thread
  12. ahiggs

    "Hulk Hogan"

    i know right...the guy in my avatar would not say that he is huge. don't get me wrong at 5'6" and 242lbs he is definately a big guy. but unless you know who he is i doubt many would guess he was one of the strongest people to ever walk the planet
  13. ahiggs

    Where to start

    i would look up a good beginner strength trainin routine like starting strength or stronglifts 5x5...i personally prefer starting strength by mark rippetoe.
  14. ahiggs

    Pyramid or Straight sets

    i have used max ot...well a basterdized version of it. so by their rule i guess i really haven't done it, but that being said. i spent a long time using max ot as a platform 2 to 3 sets 4 to 6 reps no more than 9 reps per workout, and made some pretty nice gains, i was not trying to cut so i...
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    anyone else notice that all the P90X guys are gone!!! hahaha
  16. ahiggs

    Who inspired u to want to b a freak

    i would have to say it was my dad as well...i didn't start lifting until i was too old to really get as strong as my genetics would have let me if i had started say 15 years ago. dad was 205 with 675x2 squats and deadlifts. never got the chance to compete, blew his knee up before he got the...
  17. ahiggs

    Compound lift workout critique

    that may be too many days of dead lifts? unless you are just doing partials?
  18. ahiggs

    Shouldar pain

    this is the way i bench now as well, and it has fixed my problem so far, but you may be pushing a lot more than i do? good luck
  19. ahiggs

    Shouldar pain

    my shoulders use to hurt in almost the exact same place, mine was caused by not knowing how to bench correctly. i would essentially climb under the bar and start pushing. my shoulders dont hurt anymore since i have corrected this. so knowing nothing about you, are you keeping your pinching...
  20. ahiggs

    How often do you Deadlift?

    once a week on back day