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    Please help with diet and a workout plan

    Exercise: Start by walking. Get up off the chair and go for a walk. Diet: Cut out all processed foods. If it comes in a box or a can, don't eat it. As you get more motivated because you'll feel better just by simply getting started, join a gym and learn to properly weight train. A simple full...
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    What happens when I stop taking creatine?

    I haven't been here in a while. Too bad nothing has changed. Dr.G still pushing bro bullshit. Keep'em straight Kenny.
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    Protein powder as main protein source? Yes or know and why?

    Good luck with that. See you in 10 years...or maybe we won't. I have yet to meet an old vegan that wasn't riddled with mysterious diseases or looked like crap.
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    Protein powder as main protein source? Yes or know and why?

    I used to do 4 to 5 whey shakes a day with 3 whole food meals. Now I do 1 or 2 shakes and 5 whole food meals. Not only do I feel better but I make consistent gains. So to answer your question no, whole foods for the win is my opinion. If you are worried about health concerns, just eat leans...
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    Fish Oil

    4 grams per day. Any more than that I get nose bleeds when I lift heavy.
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    cheat meal or cheat day?

    If you are an ecto why even ask? You could have a cheat year and still not put on fat.
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    diet help

    Just drop calories by 500. keep fats and protein the same. try carb back loading to get insulin sensitivity up.
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    Full body split help

    I used to do them. They are great for cutting but not so much for building muscle. You'll find you won't overload a muscle group enough to get any real gains unless you put allot more time in the gym per training session. But, having said that it sounds like you have your mind made up.
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    Intra-workout Nutrition

    BCAA's with a carb, some electrolites, & vit C. I'll ditch the carb if training is under 45 minutes.
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    solution for side effects of a low carb diet

    You are going to have to eat some carbs. Just stick with moderate amounts of rice & sweet potatoes cycled around training days. Otherwise you are just going to crash your metabolism and stall fat loss.
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    Organic or normal Protein powder?

    Probably about $20 a lb.
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    Need Help with a plan.

    Besides that crappy low protein diet: all that running = excessive cortisol production. Good bye muscle, hello future health problems caused by all that inflammation & bone loss.
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    ^^^agree. I find if i stretch before training, my training suffers. Proper warm-up is much more important in preventing injuries. Besides, like Kenny said; if you do full range of motion on your lifts you are properly stretching.
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    3 day split or a 7 day split. After reading bellow, what are the pros and cons???

    You'll see some improvement changing up but it will short lived and plateau on either split if you don't incorporate some periodization.
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    Nutrients for older lifter

    I do the same as you but add vitamin c & e post workout. I'll add some electrolytes intra workout. DR G: "it's all in your head"...yeah right.
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    Cardio for 6 pack?

    That is a great book. One of the best I've read and one everyone should read.
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    I am Newbie here

    That's great but you need to start by describing what your diet is now.
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    Question about tuna!

    This doesn't surprise me at all. Even with tuna there are many different species of tuna. I prefer albacore myself if canned, Yellow fin if it's a steak, and Blue fin if it's sushi. All other species of tuna taste like crap.
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    Why We Get Fat

    "Why we get fat" is the dumbed down version of "good calories bad calories" by the same author. Both good reads and explain why a calorie from one source isn't the same as a calorie from another as far as fat gain.
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    Why We Get Fat

    I would say that flies in the face of common belief more so than common sense.