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    Aspirating probably causes more nicked arteries than it tries to diagnose. Moving a needle around inside your body while you try and pull back on the plunger. But whatever.
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    Weight loss makes fat men more masculine

    Fat cells can convert certain hormones into estrogen. Estrogen itself also increases fat levels. There's more to it than that but I'm getting off work and I'm sure someone will chime in.
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    You clipped something and got a little blood in the syringe. No big deal. Aspirating isn't recommended anymore however, so I wouldn't bother.
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    The Juggernaut Journal

    How do you do handle your caloric intake Chris? Do you just eat the same things over and over again? When I counted calories that's pretty much what I did and it was the only manageable way to do it for me.
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    Chicken seasoning?

    I season my chicken with more chicken.
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    cheappinz still gtg

    They ship domestic. Were fine last time I used them but I switch to gpz because I prefer their pinz and they have a better selection/service.
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    The Juggernaut Journal

    Are you doing the 20 reps for glycogen depletion? I might have missed it, haven't looked in here lately :P
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    Tren color?

    High mileage.
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    Positive test for HGH is a North American pro first

    Of course no major league guy would end up being the first. Instead its a guy that used to play in the majors but wasn't good enough to stay there.
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    First go at some Peptides

    I was under the impression GH gut was caused from insulin usage.
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    Keto: WTF am I doing wrong?

    Milk has sugar in it. Either drop it out or drink a minimal amount. If you're using it to liquify shakes you're taking in too much. You want to keep carbs below 30g/day, not counting fiber.
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    FREE Melanotan 2!!!

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    Items to Ban from your Kitchen for Healthy Cooking

    No, you need salt.
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    Life's Super-DMZ Rx Sponsored Log

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    Items to Ban from your Kitchen for Healthy Cooking

    I don't see a problem with any of these done in moderation.
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    Negative reps!

    You shouldn't be doing drop sets with negatives. They should be done on your last set only and used sparingly at that.
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    Practice Exercise to Minimize the Risk of Colon Cancer

    I take two a day minimum.
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    Advice on my Training Routine

    Avocado + eggs = yum
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    injured do i carry on with cycle

    How long is recovery gonna be? If you stop now you'll lose a lot during pct if you can't train like normal. I'd stay on. My .02$