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  1. Ravager

    super dmz 3.0 review

    Which lab value are you talking about?
  2. Ravager

    donating blood

    And why would you want to lower your H&H levels for?
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    IronMagLabs Super DMZ RX 3.0~Loggers needed again!

    Don't know if you are still looking for loggers.... I have been off of everything since October, and last run was 8 weeks of Test @ about 1g/week. I weigh about 175-180 now, usually i end up around 190 with lower BF. Never broke 200, 195 at one point. Been lifting for over 20 years, off and on...
  4. Ravager

    The female sex drive.

    Here is a killer punch here.... Guys.... Ready for this? I actually met someone on THIS forum that moved across country and we were very happy for over 2 years.... Unfortunately .... Gods Joke... As always... I wasn't compatible with her 3 kids.... But Elsewise I probably would have married...
  5. Ravager

    The female sex drive.

    Priceless! Couldn't have said it better myself!
  6. Ravager

    The female sex drive.

    Wow... hurts to read this shit...... She' still a good friend (the ex), and great mom.... There is a lot more that came out from this post than can possibly be thought............
  7. Ravager

    Sloppy's DNP Run.

    lol... thats like juicing so you don't need to work out!
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    17 years old posing.

    Really? Is this for real?
  9. Ravager

    17 years old posing.

    Lookin great kid... keep up the hard work, It's paying off!
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    post injection pain

    It sounds pretty concentrated per ML. If the compound is too much crystals for the esther, then it has trouble staying suspended and the raw crystals will slice you up inside.... Thats why most good stuff seems to be 250/ml or less. You can only stuff so much into a bag before the bag has...
  11. Ravager

    100 lbs DB Bench vs 225 lbs bench

    DB's are better for your shoulders as your hands are not locked in a fixed position. DB;s are also more of a workout as you are using alot more connective tissue, and core by having to stabalize. DB's, are also are more of an overall workout, as just by grabbing the heavy DB's and getting...
  12. Ravager

    An alternative to gloves, straps, chalk and bare hands.

    Using mine for over a year now... Love em... Don't want to lift without em....
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    Homemade shakes for breakfast

    I use a Vitamix blender so everything always gets completely liquified but here is one of my am shakes 1 cup milk 1-2 large handfuls spinich FROZEN!!!! Never goes bad or slimey if bought fresh, and frozen immediately!!!! 3 scoops of chocolate OR Strawberry protein (both taste great with...
  14. Ravager

    B12 and how to take it

    I like IM for B-12... Sub-Q would work too, but the volume may be an issue lumpwise.... IM is is faster response into your system, and it gets a ton more bloodflow. I like thigh / shoulder, but any muscle would work. Go for the toungue. :)
  15. Ravager

    Just started super dmz rx, does my diet and work out sound ok.

    Is that double the recommended dose? Any sides at that level?
  16. Ravager

    ace 031 with follistatin log

    Cool log man, thanks!
  17. Ravager

    bilateral site injection necessary?

    Hurts how? The actual pinning, or the injectable fluid burns?
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    Best GH protocol for Off Cycle?

    x2... great thread here...
  19. Ravager

    Women & Drugs - if you're female or helping a female - READ THIS

    Any opinions on Halo Extreme for woman use?
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    How to use Triptorelin (GnRH) for PCT

    Anyone here speak from personal experience on this?