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  1. Big Puppy


    hopefully big news on how I can get them to send me 4 bottles that i can actually use.
  2. Big Puppy


    got 4 bottles of it. solution won't dissolve. stays clumped up. shake it and it won't mix in like it usually does.
  3. Big Puppy


    Who is good for exemestane lately?
  4. Big Puppy

    My half stone penis

    Good find sil
  5. Big Puppy

    The Clean Thread! An AP, SFW, LHJO, Prip, GICH Thread!

    Dumb bitch posts a pic like that and then gets mad at the response. Stupid whore
  6. Big Puppy

    Blood sugar dropping to the 45-65 range?

    Dude you seriously need a dietician
  7. Big Puppy

    Blood sugar dropping to the 45-65 range?

    Pretty solid at 10000 calories?
  8. Big Puppy

    Adding some dirty food to reach 10,000+ cals when bulking

    How much do you weigh??? You need a nutritionist. Let me know. I got a good one
  9. Big Puppy

    Cycle that's easy on the hpta

  10. Big Puppy

    I got banned while posting in the Iron Mag AAS forums

    Me too or I'll have S2H ban you
  11. Big Puppy

    it really needs to stop fucking snowing

    It's Al Gore's fault. If he wouldn't have invented global warming we would all be gtg
  12. Big Puppy Sponsored: Justhav2p's Transformation

    Congrats on the baby dude
  13. Big Puppy

    Sperm test resulted in no swimmers. Help!

    If she's passed out she's fair game lol
  14. Big Puppy

    Invaded by Newbs!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe some of them will make kai green gains in a month.......................................... Just ask them
  15. Big Puppy

    body fat scale vs hand held analyzer

    The scales are worthless. Post a pic and we'll tell you what you are
  16. Big Puppy

    Fake ass faggot

    It showed him on a boat with other ass-stabbing aids recipients. He's had like 9 nose jobs
  17. Big Puppy

    Awesome logger opportunity!

    I would love to log some LR3 and MGF.
  18. Big Puppy

    Flavored or unflavored???

    Flavored. Like scivation mango
  19. Big Puppy

    Fake ass faggot

    Which one of you non-lifting faggots was on TLC's Living Ken Doll. Pec implants, delt implants., $150,000 in plastic surgery and implants. Confess!!!