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    Super DMZ update 11 days ON. Couldn't handle sides.

    "People like me"? Huh? Think not! I tried the powder, it's wonderful and still working. I had went to the VAMC earlier this morning with the substance in my blood, then my doc wanted a urine and blood testing sample. I've got to wait several day for the levels to go down. I'm going to wait...
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    Super DMZ update 11 days ON. Couldn't handle sides.

    Thanks for the replies and the concern. Quite funny indeed. Well a little less than 2 more hours and I'll be in the gym to trying out "Frankenstein's Dried Bones" That's my nickname for the powder. I'll keep you guys informed that's if the intake of the stuff and the time in the gym doesn't...
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    Any of you have Enlarged Prostates ?

    I've notice that when I take an injection of test e that the swelling and the pain goes down, but gradually returns as the test begins to dwindle. Zinc helps a little.
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    Super DMZ update 11 days ON. Couldn't handle sides.

    I got something that you guys may think that I'm loony tune. I already know I'm insane so here goes. I was drinking one night and I was looking over my oral capsules and tablets. I thought, "I wonder what would be the effect if I mix all of these in the creatine container?" So I began to...
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    400mg every 2 weeks?

    You are worried about getting tits at that dose! LOL I've been injecting 500mg every two weeks for the past 5 years and sometimes 5x as much. Those that get gyno are predisposed to get gyno. So it's best that you get your estradiol levels checked, your FSH and LH, insulin, and cortisol levels also.
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    Diagnosed with Low T at 26...Need some general info and advice please!

    If I was in your situation, I'd dump the TRT and go online for the AAS. I think $70.00 bucks can buy 2 250mg x 10ml vials on some sites. I've been on TRT for almost 5 years and my body has grown accustomed to my dose of 1,000mg-2,000mg a month shots. The prescribed dose is 600mg/ml. a month...
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    Why no testicular shrinkage?

    I've been on 1,000mg/ml of test for a while with orals tabs and prohormones. My honey can still get a mouth full. However, there is some shrinkage on the right testicle which seems to shrink a bit while having sex. I guess it has to do with the earlier days of using 5,000mg/ml a month and oral...
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    Jay Cutler says he doesnt use anabolic steroids

    No! These are guys that have been going to the gym for quite some time. I knew them. Charles, Ronnie, Micheal, Keith, and Paul. Big guys. I've known them since the '80s. I guess they simply didn't want it to be known. And Will Dabish, the owner of Powerhouse Gym even denied it. I even asked...
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    Anavar Cycle

    DDDAAAMMMNN! That's a living hell!
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    6 week Halo Extreme Cycle log

    Take up journalism Mike Arnold.
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    Anavar Cycle

    Hey, forget about posting, take up journalism! lol
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    TRT and what else

    I've been on TRT for close to 4 years. I take a 500mg. injection or more since the doctor doesn't give a damn to monitor my levels. I'm on 300mg. every 2 weeks prescribed. I add Supertest 450 to it. It seems that the injections have stalled or don't work anymore. I'm going to add HGH...
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    DO test levels drop with age?

    There will be none. Whether it's testosterone from a TRT/HRT clinic or something you ordered domestic or overseas, the body only recognizes testostorone and begins to utilize it. Those eggheads have always know this fact. "Long Term Study"? I've been on TRT 600mg/mth for 1 year and steroid...
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    Reason for being "natural"?

    I do like the way the "natural bodybuilders" take pride in the fact that they will not use steroids. Considering that "natty guys" don't have to compete against "steroid guys", the playing field is level. I remember years ago, '70's, someone on the base wanted to put together a "Mr. Natural"...
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    UK UGL need feedback (no source checking)

    No I do not know Jackie Chan and I don't particularly like his movies. I take creatine monhydrate before my workouts and Prolab Whey Powder after the workouts. I've been doing it this way for several now.
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    Reason for being "natural"?

    So, you want to stay looking as a "skinny fitness model", missing out on your genetic potential for the rest of your life? I didn't get into BB until late, if I had started in my teens or '20's, I don't think I would be posting here. AS far as AAS is concerned with building muscle. It's what...
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    Confessions: 7 reasons why women cheat

    What makes matters worse is that they "get off" more by fucking around on the husband or boyfriend. Happened to me last weekend. That whore is history now! She's been calling me seven times to ten times a day to make amends. Throw in a possible STD because I feel I hell! I'll never answer...
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    Confessions: 7 reasons why women cheat

    Sometimes a little AAS makes the trip better.
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    Reason for being "natural"?

    Yeah! try taking a 10,000mg. shot in your ass! Very easy!
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    Old guy starting over.

    Yeah. BTW watch out for the "A.A's" on this forum!!