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    Please help with my marriage and life issue

    Exactly. Find something in common that you're both excited or passionate about (besides sex). You just might be very surprised just how "smart" she really is and fall for her all over again.
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    What do you say?

    I put a look of fear on my face, run to a mirror and then ask them, "Geez, do you think I need to?"
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    Is Vin Diesel on Steroids?

    a) Does it really matter? b) He's an adult and it's his body c) Who cares?
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    Do people ever ask you if your on the sauce

    I put a shocked look on my face :eek: run to the mirror and ask them, "Why? Do you think I need to?"
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    Favorite Movie of All Time

    1. Cool Hand Luke 2. Resevoir Dogs 3. Godfather 4. Boondock Saints 5. Slap Shot
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    Calorie dense foods

    :clapping: Food is fuel. You don't get the right results without the right fuel. An F-16 doesn't run very well on pump gas from the Circle K.
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    Muscle dysmorphia

    We all have some form of it or we wouldn't be on this forum
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    Largest Arms?

    ]] Just as with any drug, anabolic or otherwise, there is difference between use and abuse.
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    I'm In Love

    Ok, so now I'm curious. Do all former rugby players in Austria go into female bodybuilding?
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    Do NOT try this at your gym!

    I never noticed any video cameras before at the gym I work out at!!
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    alpha as fuck...

    And you guys didn't see this one coming? :roflmao:
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    BILL PEARL - The Greatest BodyBuilder

    After looking at some of the poses, I noticed some striking resemblances between the physiques of Pearl and Arnold. If I remember correctly, Pearl was one of Arnold's idols, right?
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    PWO Carb

    When I need a few extra quick carbs PWO, I like to mix my protein powder (vanilla) with orange juice.
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    Why does my barbell bench press suck?

    Focusing on dumbbells helped my bench and overall chest development and strength tremendously. Not to mention being easier on the shoulder joints.
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    biceps and triceps

    I've been very happy with my results from doing a bi's and tri's workout.
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    Real gear, no bull.

    Yeah, and it seems all of the time that the government is trying to ban it also. Go figure.
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    Attraction between sexes must be pheramone related

    Musta been the Axe spray or Hi Karate cologne.
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    American Swim Coach Accuses Chinese Swimmer of Doping

    PED's and steroids can only do so much to enhance performance in world class athletes. You still have to have the talent, do the work and have proper nutrition.