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    400mg every 2 weeks?

    My wife is a nurse and likes to poke me. Ya'll are real men. I'd prob pass out sticking myself. lol Thanks guys for the info.
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    400mg every 2 weeks?

    Thanks guy for all the responses. Learning things here. Its only dosed this high for 3 months then she will do blood work and I guess adjust from there. If doc. doesn't prescribe AI then what do I do? I worry a lot about estro. I dont want man boobs and a uterus. Do you need an AI if the dose...
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    400mg every 2 weeks?

    Thanks. I forgot to add that I do work out 4 to 5 days a week. I have had some gains.
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    400mg every 2 weeks?

    Ok here goes. I have been on TRT for about a year now. I am 38yrs, 175lbs. When I first started TRT doctor dosed it at one shot Test C a month at 200mg for about 6 months. Did blood test and of course did not improve. Then they changed it to twice a month at 200mg each shot for almost 6 months...
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    Smashed leg sesh

    True what Chris said. Doc told me doing let extensions with too much weight was likely the reason I tore my ACL. But I do agree they do give you a good pump.
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    Christmas time and know I am here.

    My brother, you are the most awesome person I know. World needs more like ya.
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    Best Sup for Fighting Gyno

    ^^ Keep us updated
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    Metha-drol 8 pounds in 8 days

    This product is the real deal, I gain 15lbs on it.
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    8 Foods for you protein lovers

    8 food ideas for anyone looking to boost there protein intake. I know some of you may not like some of these foods by themselves, but in a stir fry, some can hide the taste of others.Just think of all the protein you will be taking in. I get tired of eating tuna, chickin,and eggs all the time...
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    Trying to get to single digits.

    Keep us updated with the progress, please THANKS
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    Six Pack Abs

    awsome post Prince
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    Hate4 ,are you going to do a DECA log? Interested in this myself.THANKS
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    protein farts?

    Let them roll brother. Didn't your parents teach you it's better to share? Sharing is caring.
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    INTERNAL BLEEDING Using Supplements

    Dont know about it..But I hope your friend gets well soon.
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    METHA-DROL EXTREME Profile (updated 12-29-2010)

    Is this your first cycle of PH? You do need to run cycle support and drink lots of water. I just finished my cycle 3 pills a day with no major sides..mybe some back pumps every once in a while but i get those on any PH I do. Watch taking too much of other things while taking PHs. Too much...
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    Tribulus or Anabolic Matrix? Which is Best

    This might have already been asked, sorry if it has, but I would like know which supplement have people seen the best results? Anabolic Matrix or Tribulus Can or should it be taken with Methadrol Extreme?
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    My Cycle - Methadrol Extreme + Erase

    The Erase that you mentioned, is that PES Erase? I also have M Extreme and want to stack. THANKS