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    Looking for a quality sildenafil (viagra) vendor...

    I've been out of the scene for a while... Can anyone be kind enough to let me know some reputable research chem vendors for sildenafil? Thanks!
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    divorce question

    life goes on homie
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    Wow... stay away from clomid if you're prone to depression or mood swings

    Do yourself a favor and stick to toremifene instead. My friend is finding this out the hard way. Reading and hearing stuff about extreme mood swings, depression and suicidal thoughts aren't uncommon with clomid. Be careful out there! :wave:
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    E2 level through the roof

    so who's the sponsor?
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    Can you use Whatman .20u Syringe Filter for oil base?

    He may be fine just drawing them separately. He just wants to ensure that the prop is free of contaminants. The prop definitely gave him some pain and it's probably due to high BA content.. but he's just being careful.
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    Can you use Whatman .20u Syringe Filter for oil base?

    My friend is planning to cut his test prop with some test cyp to reduce the injection site pain. He plans to use the Whatman .20u syringe filter to transfer the oil to new sterile vials after mixing the prop and cyp together. He wants to be safe and use .20u instead of .45u filter if...
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    Calling all Homo's =)

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    I need honest opinions

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    The injection site is hard.. is it normal?

    Don't think it's EO... my bet is on the BA. Thanks brahz.
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    I need honest opinions

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    The injection site is hard.. is it normal?

    My friend pinned prop in his delt 3 days ago. Right now, the pin site is hard.. like there's a golf ball in it. He's not running a fever though. He's had pin sites getting red and warm before.. but not getting hard like this. Should he be worried? :hmmm:
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    Red circle on injection site

    wat did u inject
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    DC Training routines

    I use a tweaked DC.. it's one of the best routines around hands down.
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    Research Stop Arimidex & Clomid

    What dose did you use
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    PureGear Labs stuff

    no source checking allowed. good luck with your puregear goals in 2011.