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  1. unclem

    Review of Domestic Supply

    how do I get ahold of these guys? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. unclem

    Review of Domestic Supply

    sounds better and better. hows the anadrol brother^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. unclem

    Which Is Better With Test? Aromasin Or Proviron???

    aromasin . u can take both together.
  4. unclem

    Here I GO AGAIN 2012

    oh heavens no way.
  5. unclem

    Here I GO AGAIN 2012

  6. unclem

    theCaptn's AG Erectile Dysfunction Log

    hey captn' your a great dude brother.
  7. unclem

    Olympia 2013

    nice pics
  8. unclem

    Pro-Hormones! I Think I Really Messed Up! Please Help Me!

    I think you should stop all the bullshit your on and tell the dr about the muscle twitching. it could be just a simple nerve problem that will go away. if u took dmz I doubt that had anything to do with it. my advice is don't touch nothing for 3 weeks then see wat happens, if it continues go see...
  9. unclem

    Levitating above my bed...? WTF!!

    its nerves. have you come off any benzo's? as with those time shuts down. but u need to see a dr. good luck my friend. see a mental health worker , they can refer you to the dr. after a consultation.
  10. unclem

    M-STEN Rx~Pure Methylstenbolone

    ill be getting this " ph" yeah, asap its got a great chemical structure guys. get it while its still on shelves as i think this will go fast. i love gear and "ph". if it comes from IML no need to worry about potency. all boards i looked at said this about IML other products.
  11. unclem

    Miss Springsteen's Road To Domination!

    miss s, i didnt know you were in a graduate degree program. so i really can see now that its hard. ummm, just do your best thats all u can really do. but i read on another board wat your going for so ull have at least a great paying job. if cardio is all you can do then thats it do that. or do...
  12. unclem

    Miss Springsteen's Road To Domination!

    do wat u can, but try to find time. i trained with broken neck in hosp with a halo bolted to my
  13. unclem

    2012-2013: Sassy .. Let's see what happens!

    good work sassy!!!!!!
  14. unclem

    Miss Springsteen's Road To Domination!

    nice job!!!
  15. unclem

    mex an his cotton oil

    hi cap'tn brother. how you doing brother? you to pure persian how you doing?
  16. unclem

    My Lab Results..... Help Please

    i had no problem with ram suspension but it was awhile ago. but the drol was ok but not great. but i wont use ugl gear no more to much bs just vet and hg thats that lol.
  17. unclem

    Converting Cattle Pellets. All The Info You Need To Homebrew Fina

    no more finaplix-h implants at 40 bucks. so fuck that ill buy ready made.
  18. unclem

    accutane and blood work

    i agree w/ heavy but i say use only 10mg a day until clear or u can use it eod its a good drug ive been on it since 1982 when it first came out. take milk thistle and get a cbc done every 3 months to see if its messing with hdl and lipids like heavy said. it will also raise your liver enzymes...
  19. unclem

    methyl-extreme is unreal

    i just want to say iam getting me this "ph" by ironmag products w/ the new halo and wat a bang for the buck. if u dont get it now, those jerks at our goverment will, will be taking it away. i had to comment on this as if u read the structure of the methyl ex its unreal. i aint told to say this...
  20. unclem

    Miss Springsteen's Road To Domination!

    nice work miss.