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    What secure money transit are you using?

    way cool dude. can you please give me the first and last name, and address of your meth dealer?
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    Full figured women and muscular guys...

    it is my opinion that women think body builder types are to into themselves and are not good mates. maybe good sex partners, but not good for long term relationships. notice in the study the women chose the chubby guy for commitment.
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    Why is SFW a worthless Piece of Shit?

    #relationship goals
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    Tren Ace.

    all aboard! the tren train is coming.
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    Hi everyone. New to the site :)

    Welcome to IMF!
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    getting ready for the summer!

    you got some mean looking calves bro! keep up the good work.
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    Tren Ace.

    its only been 5 days. repost here in 2 weeks at that dosage and give us an update.
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    Winstrol + proviron

    Proviron is the least toxic of all orals and just an all around great compound. I think it should be a staple in all cycles like test.
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    getting ready for the summer!

    Your legs are just ridiculously strong ...and subbed!
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    new brother here

    welcome to the family sir, and thank you for your service and protecting our freedoms so we can have such a fine board like IMF. Also check out the sister site here The sister site ASF gets a little more traffic but is mostly all the same people that are...
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    Bench press 315x16

    impressive. well done sir. motivational! its amazing what the human body can accomplish.
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    Winstrol + proviron

    Mast + Provi + Winny= bald by December?
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    First cycle without testosterone

    dont do it. no test? because you dont want sides? but your running 3 compounds all of which can cause acne, and tren can cause gyno. you need to do a lot more research on how and why these compounds work.
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    Welcome to IMF!
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    Crippled from Test P - really

    probably hit a lymphatic vessel, easy to do in the quad. I hit my lymphatic in the quad once and walked with a limp for 10 days.
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    How do you guys deal with this situation?

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    Another gyno thread...

    what was your TT?
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    Journey to perfect physique journal

    i dont think its necessary to run 800mg/wk of test E if your running 700mg/wk of tren A. Have you tried a 350mg/wk test E with 700mg of tren? you may see better results with less bloat. keep your estro in check and take prami @ .3mg day. Run T3 with your clen, during the 2 weeks off from clen...
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    yep yep! 60% of the time it works every time