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    Microplastics and Human Health

    It seems to me that all these tips will work if absolutely all people on the Earth simultaneously begin to follow them, which is impossible. In general, I did not think about how dangerous microplastics can be to health.
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    Exercise and Depression - Does it Help?

    Improving my emotional state is one of the reasons why I started exercising. I started to feel better after a few workouts. Even the realization that you are doing something useful is uplifting. And when you start to see the first results, then you begin to rejoice that you have become more...
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    What are the risks of Obesity?

    Such posts motivate me to exercise. It is much easier to immediately monitor your health than to try to improve it later.
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    Ladyboy or Not?

    Sometimes it's really hard to identify who is who...
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    Return Youtube Dislike Button and Stats

    I still cannot see the number of dislikes. Cannot understand why Youtube did it...
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    Hi all

    Thanks for welcoming me!
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    Hi all

    Hello! I had a break of about 6 years in training and anabolics related to a back injury. I almost managed to solve this problem, and I'm thinking about returning to training again. Glad to be here with you, found a lot of useful information. Hope you are doing great!