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    Long Island man accused of running steroid lab out of his home

    Agreed! They just look dirty! I don't get it.......
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    Comment by 'rfagazzi' in media 'Tyler'

    Beautiful kitty! I'm a huge animal lover. I have a cat that be your cats twin. His name is Midnight.
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    How to measure Equi. undecylenate?

    I think cottonmouth pretty much nailed it. Good lookin out CM.
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    How to measure Equi. undecylenate?

    My bad. I'm so used to overdosing everything by 5% give or take. I usually don't have to concern myself in such a micro fashion. Hmmm........
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    How to measure Equi. undecylenate?

    Chances are, it's in a bottle of sorts no? Why not just pour in the desired amount? No different than pouring cough syrup on a spoon.....
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    Some sick fuck just shot up an elementary school

    Who the hell hurts kids? Whenever I see a kid, I smile. Their actions are so pure & innocent. No hidden agenda. Their just funny to watch. I don't have kids yet, but I have nieces & nephews. I would go ape shit if some body hurt them! Anyway, I thought the movie theater guy was a wackjob. This...
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    Mom accused of posting nude pic of daughter on Facebook

    I'm guessing the dad is not around? Crazy shit!
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    Guy tries to steal bike from fitness center

    Looks like his left knee got smashed up pretty good with that bar! I think his bike stealing days are over!
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    Happy Anniversary to... me!

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    Largest Arms?

    I would love to see this douche with no shirt on. What a fucking ASS CLOWN!!! Stay tuned on you tube. I got $100 that says this dildo will end up on there in a ER somewhere with an infection. I can't wait to see the gravy poor out!
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    whats up guys new here!

    ^^^^^^Lmao! You get an " A+ " for creativity.
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    whats up guys new here!

    Welcome to I.M.F.
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    First time messing with Anadrol! nervous/excited for this winter cycle

    Anapaloons were the first type of drol I popped my cherry with. Been hooked ever since! 75mged for about 4-6 wks is my sweet spot. Anything more than that, the sides are too much. ie; headaches, high bp etc.....
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    First time messing with Anadrol! nervous/excited for this winter cycle

    Yup! Add a little HCG, and it's Peter North time!
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    trap injections

    My thoughts exactly!
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    Alternating one armed chin ups

    I would seriously hurt myself if I tried that. I'm too big & clumsy!
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    This just in

    Test-e smells like a Christmas tree to me. Deca smells like my old basement(musty). Prop has a weird vitamin smell to it. Tren smells simply funky. Npp has a bit of sweetness to it. It's funny how everybody has different opinions on the smells. I could smell test-e all day long. I think I'm...
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    trap injections

    I tried doing my traps the other day. I started shaking too much, so I didn't do it. Just recently started doing delts with tren as a suggestion from someone. I have to say, it's been over a month, and I haven't had one cough session yet. Tren cough is the worst!
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    Daily dose 25 mg Clomid doubles men's T levels

    Forget libido, I'm like little girl when those animal rescue commercials come on tv. I get all misty eyed and emotional! It's crazy!
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    Did you buy a ticket?

    I never play, but I sent my girl out to buy some tix & now I can't get a hold of her. I'm realistic of my chances, but I'll be pissed if I didn't atleast try. Wait a second, did the #'s come out already? THAT BITCH!!!:paddle: