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    Cheap Bloodwork - How to Get It WITHOUT Insurance

    The nearest Labcorp clinic is 50 something miles away. Does anybody know of another site that isn't a huge ripoff?
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    Test Fluctuations

    My normal test levels are about 650 ng/dL. I got a test about a month after my last cycle (Sometime in June) and my numbers were right around that. I just got the results from another test and my test is down to 547 ng/dL. For this final test I had the blood drawn at about noon. The earlier test...
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    PCT after a pre contest blend.

    I would drop the caber and letro after your last shots and just run the pct as you have. If you need some ai during pct then you can throw it in but the less 'drugs' you take to attain your goals the better. I don't remember the exact details but I remember reading aromasin is better than adex...
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    need advice on a bad pin

    Sit on a heating pad or a hot shower and massage. That fixes me right up. I get that most times I start up a cycle.
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    methyl 1-test

    Because a natural physique guy and a physique guy with veins and striations are NOT the same thing. I don't care how hard you work or diet you won't look like you can with hormones.
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    methyl 1-test

    I'm looking at a source from a Soviet block country. They are pretty reputable and everything I have got from then has work as expected. So hopefully it's legit. Have you used m1t before?
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    methyl 1-test

    Well I appreciate your concern. However I have never done a real bulk cycle. I do not want to be huge. 2 prohomone cycles when I was young and dumb. And since I was 20 i have ran mostly cutting cycles and athletic cycles. I took some dbol and focused on getting some size for about a month of the...
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    methyl 1-test

    I am looking to do a bulk this fall. Something like 600mg test e, 1200mg eq. This would be my 7th cycle or so. 23 years old. 5'6", 150lbs at 7% body fat. I am prepping for a physique show currently. I am looking to add some lean mass to be about 160lb for the next show. Has anybody tried methyl...
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    Bloodwork (definitely worried)

    Adex is an aromitase inhibitor. That means it slows your body from turning test into estrogen. Your test is pretty low so that might not be the exact issue. I would definitely get on adex or even letro because it is stronger. Nolva is a SERM so that can help reverse/prevent gyno by blocking the...
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    Bloodwork (definitely worried)

    Are you on tren? Under the estrogen numbers does it say Roche ECLIA Methodology? If so tren can really inflate the numbers. I had a test like this on tren. If your estrogen was really that high you would have tits and probably start lactating lol. That test looks low if your on a cycle... Did...
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    That's a pretty ridiculous way to list your cycle. I doubt anybody will spend the time to look at that. If you clean it up and make it in a regular format you might have more luck.
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    injecting in the biceps ?

    Personally my favorite spot is delts, followed by tris then bis. My glutes and quads always get sore no matter what I do when I hit them.
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    Check code and result is fake!

    maybe you should get a new supplier
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    Tbol experience

    It is my favorite oral. Its relatively cheep. It doesn't bloat you up like dbol does. I was on 60-90mg per day. 60 is plenty I just wanted to see what 90 would do. I could definitely feel an increase in aggression as well as strength in the gym. It adds lean dry mass but not fast like dbol. It...
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    Oral Tren

    Hey I am wondering if anybody has any input on this. First I'd like to say the rumor is that "oral tren" is so toxic it will kill you if you look at it. So if that is all that you can offer please refrain from posting anything. Aside from that if anybody has any experience or any more insight...
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    GP Oral Tren

    I came across some oral tren during my last cycle. I did 2 weeks at .5mg a day. I had my liver values check at the end to see if I would ever run it again. They barely flinched, very similar to any other oral but remember that's at .5mg not 50mg a day like dbol or something. I loved it. It...
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    equpoise insane hunger

    I get slightly hungrier on eq. I have only used it in a bulk so its really not an issue at all. I love the stuff!
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    How much sleep do you get a night on Tren?

    Without ambien i'm lucky to get 5 hours. Also waking up shivering because you soaked the blankets with sweat is pretty annoying lol.
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    Congressmen Introduce Anabolic Steroids Bill in House

    Its all about getting a bill to fix an issue that made it to the news (even though generally nobody cares) so people thing they are actually doing something and justify their huge paychecks.
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    Tren E vs Superdrol. Should I quit Tren?

    Are you taking anything for the progestin/prolactin sides? caber prami bromo? That helped me with the insomnia part. I ran 400mg tren e with very slight sleep disturbances. Pinning more often helps me with sides as well.