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    Axl got Fat

    Destroyed his voice because he wouldn't stop smoking. The end for GNR started when Izzy left the band IMHO :pissed:
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    Nike drops Armstrong's sorry ass

    The whole peloton was slamming sauce back then. The playing field was kicked everyone's ass for 7 years. If they strip his titles, they would have to give it to the people who placed 10-20 because all the big boys have been busted or have admitted doping.
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    Lance Armstrong to be stripped out all 7 Tour De France titles

    Agree with FreddyM, cycling is and will continue to have doping and PED use just like every other sport. They are paid millions of dollars to perform at levels that normal humans cannot not even fathom. If they want to have a pharmacy flowing through them, by all means load up the pins and slam...
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    Apple Wins Lawsuit over Samsung

    Yea but just wait and see how much of an "improvement" Apple has made to their new iPhone 5. As much as I like the iPhone, the form factor is getting a little stale. If designs and leaks hold any merit, all they did was make the new one a little thinner, taller and included a...
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    Lance Armstrong to be stripped out all 7 Tour De France titles

    Armstrong kicked all of his rival's assess AND won for 7 years. His foundation has helped raise millions for Cancer awareness and research. The Tour de France and cycling companies have made millions more off of his revival of the sport. I don't care whether he did or did not use, no one can...
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    Which is best for fat loss?

    ^^^ Pretty much....
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    Sports Doctor Linked to Lance Armstrong

    One word......DAMN.......
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    DMAA to be banned

    From another thread here, Craze doesn't have DMAA. The ingredient that people are suspecting is the "goods" is the PEA. Not only that, it's a mix that includes caffeine.
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    Malware May Knock Thousands Off Internet

    Macs can get windows based viruses. However, and don't quote me, they cannot actively infect the computer. You can still give them to people who use windows based platforms via email and file sharing. Avast and ClamXV are two products that people should consider having on their macs. Another...
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    Injury, poor genetics, bad structure? Things could be worse.

    The sad thing is....a lot of antipsychotic/antidepressant meds can cause MAJOR side effects that mimic dystonia and tardive dyskinesia. /rant.
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    any good Pre workout supplements ?

    I don't see any DMAA in it - What people are suspecting the "key" ingredient is, is the PEA.
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    any good Pre workout supplements ?

    It doesn't have any....
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    any good Pre workout supplements ?

    From what I have read, Craze is not suppose to hit/tweak you out like DMAA. It's suppose to be a smooth, steady focus. That's why people prefer it over stims like DMAA :coffee:
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    THAT album :buttrock:
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    are steroids anti-inflammatory?

    Yea stay away from corticosteroids (glucocorticoids) as much as possible. Long term therapy can produce some nasty side effects....
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    are steroids anti-inflammatory?

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    any good Pre workout supplements ?

    I think they are still trying to figure out what it is. However, like I have said before......if you want it, buy it now......
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    Nexus 7 - Android Tablet for less than $250 with 4.1 Jelly Bean OS

    Nice tablet. Too bad it doesn't have a removable SD card slot (I think). I think they are coming after the Kindle Fire with this. The iPad is in a league of its own right now.
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    oxy elite pro

    All depends on how the drug reacts with you. What people need to remember with stims like ECA, 1,3 or even caffeine is that you have to drink a LOT of fluids.