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    Tabata method. 10 minutes and done!
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    New to weight training/body building.

    If you're new and have a "fear" of working out in a public place (many people do), Bowflex is a good alternative (I'd invest into p90x, however - it's cheaper and you get a plan to follow). If you don't care - join a gym. It's better in a long run.
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    Tips for Creating/Selecting Cutting Program

    I'll let others put their valuable input in, but I'm about 160 and I eat 2000 kcal when I want to cut. I think you're going to need to eat a lot more than that if you're 240.
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    I need to lose weight

    You want to lose weight quickly - join a sports team. I'm sure there are plenty rec leagues around you. Your teammates will push you to get better and healthier.
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    Gym scum makes me nuts!!!!!

    I hate everyone who's not allowing me to get my squats done ;-)
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    P90X Help.

    Don't worry about the scale (any kind) and just take pictures. That's what you care about anyway, right? So even if the scale didn't change (body fat, body weight, etc.) but you look better then you're on your way! My fiancee does p90x and LOVES IT (and I love it too ;-))
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    Benching: Close or far grip?

    I like to pause bench so I keep my grip at a shoulder level. Helps with the explosion off the chest.
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    Food bill per week when bulking?

    Too much: My fiancee and I both train and our grocery bill ranges from 400 to 500 a month + we like to go out so that's another 600 a month. So about a grand?!
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    Bench vs squat!

    So this is from the last time I maxed out: Bench - 280 Squat - 325 Deadlift - 410
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    Best core exercise

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    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year to everyone! Hope all had a fun and safe night.
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    Barbell curls......

    I love chinups for my bi's
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    Is 400 the new 300?

    I guess I frequent the wrong gyms! The highest I've seen so far was around 345 and the guy was HUUUUUUGE. Also, everyone stopped and stared at him for about 10 minutes before, during, and after his lifts.
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    9 Tips For Easy Weight Loss

    Most people I know following maybe 1 of those tips. Most people that I know that go to the gym follow about 3. It's no surprise that USA's obese numbers are so hight.
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    No more McDonald's bashing for me

    This would have never happened had Arnold still been the governor! He knows the importance of protein that McD provides for young kids!
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    Losing weight too fast ?

    Your body will adapt. My fiance lost 20 pounds the first month and then plateaued. She kept working out hard and started losing at a rate of 1 pound a week again.
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    How would squatting help me for football?

    Squats are critical for lower body strength. You want to keep your legs pumping and drag people -- squats will help you do that. Bench press is not as important; however, for overall strength and conditioning, you should work your upper and lower body equally.
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    just have to vent about incline walking (while holding on)

    Ya know, I get as angry as the next person about people cheating themselves when they exercise, but during the holiday season, you get a lot of overly obese people in the gym. These people have never done a workout in their lives so doing ANYTHING for them is better than sitting on a couch...