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  1. Chrisotpherm

    About to Jump on Bulking Cycle!

    I absolutely love npp. By far my favorite all around aas.
  2. Chrisotpherm

    Disturbing Conversation

    This is a great thread. Fortunately I have an older brother who kept me far away from the use of aas during my teen development. I didn't begin my first cycle till I was 27.
  3. Chrisotpherm

    How long for test levels to get back to normal?

    Customs what is the purpose of this and you said you've been off completely 10wks to include pct?
  4. Chrisotpherm

    Starting cycle at 250lbs

    How long is this cycle?
  5. Chrisotpherm

    What can I do for my body type.

    What does your diet amd routine look like?
  6. Chrisotpherm

    First cycle on Test Ethanate and Deca Nandrolone...

    Oh lord deca for first cycle. Man brother this was not the best move imo for first run. What else are you taking to combat deca sides?
  7. Chrisotpherm


    Im confused.
  8. Chrisotpherm

    help! deca dick

    You need to get some caber quick fast and a hurry man.
  9. Chrisotpherm

    It's WAR

    We won't have a choice. We have troops heavily in south Korea.
  10. Chrisotpherm

    Police Brutalize American citizen while illegals protest "La raza" nonsense

    Cops are turning into militia groups.
  11. Chrisotpherm

    How do I lose weight if I'm disabled and limited in my ability to exercise

    My brother thank you for serving and know you have many fellow bro in arms here. Those pain meds are one of the biggest reason your not able to get to a level of fitness. The harsh compounds and what they do to your body will negate anything your trying to do. I have been there and once I weaned...
  12. Chrisotpherm

    Why there will never be serious immigration reform in the U.S

    Look like history is repeating itself. We took it from the Indians and now looks like its being taken from us!
  13. Chrisotpherm

    Purity Source Labs Contest! Check it out guys!

    Fudge, I don't post pics like this. Sorry, good luck to all!!!
  14. Chrisotpherm

    Fake tren acetate

    Very true!
  15. Chrisotpherm

    DBOL lower back pumps!!

  16. Chrisotpherm

    igf1 DES pinned IM + humalg Pre-workout

    CJC/GHRP 100mcg 3 times a day has been the normal protocol by many but found these dosage to be worthless. Try 150-300mcg of CJC and 2-300 of ghrp and you see great benefits. The most important pin is the one before bed.