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  1. murf23

    Admin please remove my rep status

  2. murf23

    Same batch, different color - Deca, Tren E

    Can I have extra essense in mine if I pay a few extra buks ... Heard alot of good things bout this stuff , Please send me some I would like to post a review on it
  3. murf23

    Is this real life?

    Not a fucking chance .... Photo app even added muscles on his knuckles lol
  4. murf23

    Newb from ASF

  5. murf23

    Could prime ronnie coleman have beaten phil heath?

    Without breaking a sweat Ronnie would swallow phil ...Phil is a great champion and well deserving of his current titles but it wouldnt be close
  6. murf23

    Winny bulkin??

    True ,,I have done this before and it works , I suggest the OP used this method
  7. murf23

    Z's Alpha pharma InduJect amps + EP mast/Tbol

    Your weekly pics are gonna motivate me lol
  8. murf23

    Winny bulkin??

  9. murf23

    Anabolic Steroid Use Over Age Forty

    1 of the most informative and knowledgeable articles I have ever read ...And Ive been reading for 30 something years ... Great work Mike . Should be a sticky somewhere
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    Winny bulkin??

  11. murf23

    Creating a monster: The discovery of ronnie coleman

    Wish I could have that 2min and 34 sec back ... Waste of time and stupid story .
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    Z's Alpha pharma InduJect amps + EP mast/Tbol

    If thats you in the pic just starting this cycle then damn bro you gonna be huge ...Great fucking shape to begin with . Im impressed
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    Is big ramy the future mr. Olympia?

    Holy shit ...This guy is fucking huge and detailed ... Everybody better watch the fuck out ,, Like the article says > If this guy keeps improving the ways he is Then he is gonna take over
  14. murf23

    keeping gains

    Proper diet will help you keep gains more then anything else will when coming off cycle ...Of course you will lose muscle and some size while off . Idea is to try to keep some what you gained from each continuing cycle
  15. murf23

    need mod asap.

    Thanks fpr posting and giving your impression ,,,,Helps out alot when guys see ppl posting positive reviews . Especially when it comes to GH ... THANK YOU
  16. murf23

    need mod asap.

    If I could afford it right now would be a good time to stock up ...With supply and price being what they are , You know how it goes > Here today and impossible to get tomm sometimes
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    What's your max bench?

    Can you PM me whatever info or tip you you PM'd johnson PLEASE ? I have the same issues
  18. murf23

    a more perminent solution

    Eat more
  19. murf23

    AY shipping problems

    My pleasure pal ...Its kool . Its just not the way to handle things . Thats why the reps make all the free green gear . They will handle it I assure you :winkfinger:
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    Thats why most dont bother with it . Order with confidence brother . All gear on DS site is authentic and potent . DS gets all his gear directly from the source . NO re-sellers Just inject and grow lol :winkfinger: