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  1. rage racing

    Uncle z proven great gear

    Big boy
  2. rage racing

    First Ever Pin... Cut With Sterile Oil?

    Cmon didn't even try yet. My girl pins Primo twice a week and she just deals with it. drink a cup of man the fuck up and start pinning
  3. rage racing


    any idea when Tren Rapid is gonna be stocked?
  4. rage racing

    Gear Porn!

    IK that lab....good stuff
  5. rage racing

    !!!- Receive 10ml Testosterone propionate Asia Pharma total FREE!!!

    In all honesty how can you really tell the quality if you only use 10ml?
  6. rage racing

    Time to try Tren!!!

    I would run Tren Ace in case the sides get to be too much and you have to tap out. TrenE is gonna need a couple weeks to clear...Ace will clear in 2-3 days. I run Caber 0.5mg every 3 days. I rather keep prolactin low right from the getgo. Goodluck brother
  7. rage racing

    TD!!! Go green!!!!

    AY yummy
  8. rage racing

    RC Blood Test

    I am not saying your product is subpar but I got labs done once that came back VERY underdosed. I publicly posted the results and the UGL immediately responded by apologizing and sending me some free gear so I could "retest" Of course the new gear was going to test great. They knew I was...
  9. rage racing

    RC Blood Test

    In this game you have to be a skeptic. I have used gear that reps showed good labs for only to have my own labs come back grossly undrdosed.
  10. rage racing

    RC Blood Test

    Are these YOUR labs? Don't you work/rep for RC?......ineresting
  11. rage racing

    Dark Matter

    250mg test, 500mg tren and 500mg mast a week+40mg winny, 80mg var every day= HELL FUCKING YEAH. My favorite stack ever. With a clean diet and good training that cycle turns me into granite.
  12. rage racing

    Puffy nipple?? Do i have gynecomastia?

    Your 6ft tall and 168lbs and you wanna LOSE weight? Fuck that and lift.
  13. rage racing

    My first experience with NAPS and GP gear

    I have been using the same lab for about 2yrs now. One of my buddies finally talked me into giving NAPS a shot. I am a Tren junkie. I have used Tren from about 6 or 7 diff labs over the last 3yrs or so. I respond very well to Tren and it normally hits me pretty quick. Just so happens that NAPS...
  14. rage racing

    Blood work results

  15. rage racing

    Second Lab Test Results

    My firs cycle in like 12yrs was using Z's gear. on 500mg test a week my test level was only 1400. They sent me some fresh gear to compensate me but I never pinned it. Its been sitting I my closet for like Time to find a new lab bro. Thanks for posting bloods..
  16. rage racing


    using 80mg GP var ED and loving it. Test/Tren/Mast/ Var /Winny.......FTW!!!
  17. rage racing

    Pinning with slin pin

    slin pins for TNE and HGH. 25g for everything else.
  18. rage racing

    Anavar recommendations

    GP from Naps
  19. rage racing

    Test E, Deca, Mast E Cyle

    Cycle needs more test. Test should be run a little higher then Deca. I would run 600mg test and 400mg deca
  20. rage racing

    npp 300wk / 500 test e wk .. any thoughts?

    sounds good to me. I ran 450mg NPP and 600mg Test last year and loved it. nice clean gains with a good diet of course.