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  1. Watson


    just seen an old pic of you, FUCK you are ugly.....that is all!
  2. Watson

    gift ideas

    everyone needs a good shane diesel dildo!
  3. Watson

    Anyone left alive?

    all the loudest people on here are gone, reddoggg, sil, azza, charlie, reddoggg, ontopofcock, sfw, xzy, littleskank....geez
  4. Watson

    Asian Fever

    wow some pics still load lol
  5. Watson

    She says she is lifetime natural...

    Natural? wahahaahah lying bitch!
  6. Watson

    the admin

    why bother man? you are the only person even posting in here!
  7. Watson


    rot in hell rapist!
  8. Watson


    this douche got done with gears and ratted everyone top to bottom! Armless fag cunt!
  9. Watson

    this place....

    at least Azza got 11yrs on his last sentence so it might be a while before he drops back lol
  10. Watson

    this place....

    Kobe is more alive than IM now huh? captn finally did the snip and tuck and is now called Mindy (same arms anyway)? Littlewing finally just turned to old, smelly, mouldy dust? Charlie still trying to change the world? What the fuck happened to everyone? The admin and his dead threads all...
  11. Watson

    Nicholas Cage coked out of his mind in 1990

    da fuck, ROID is back and is now an admin lmao!
  12. Watson

    Florida woman grabbed boyfriend?s privates

    that's a hot woman!
  13. Watson

    Rihanna wants you to know that she is a shy gal

    icky, you are all sick mofos!
  14. Watson

    Only in California...

    most Mexicans do also!
  15. Watson


    what the fuck did I miss? He was a decent bloke last time I was on here....I noticed Donald Trump upset him a bit but I thought he had a good heart back then...
  16. Watson

    I Got Surgery to Have a Designer Vagina

    the irony is paying for the surgery is why it looks like that in the first place...
  17. Watson

    I Got Surgery to Have a Designer Vagina

  18. Watson

    How Team Obama tried to hack the election

    the irony the people think their vote actually are all meaningless, do you actually think it takes 25 years to find out some congressman masturbated to gay porn in high school?
  19. Watson


    you dead man? don't tell my Prince finally wore you down?
  20. Watson

    Oh the irony

    id hit it, just saying is all...