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  1. mousie

    Jay Cutler Is Mr Olympia!!!

    Jay definitely deserved to win.
  2. mousie


    No, that's ephedra...which I wish would come back. I miss Hydroxycut with ephedra.
  3. mousie


    Have you ever had frozen squash? Yuck, that is gross. I had it on Christmas for the first time...and my last time.
  4. mousie


    I get 6-8...but I should get more like 8-10.
  5. mousie

    What would you order?

    I would just order something off of the guiltless menu.
  6. mousie

    Check out this damn transformation.

    There is no way that he gained that much in 2 years by doing it naturally.
  7. mousie

    Grocery Store Shopping for Bulk

    Everything looks good to me. Try going to places like Sam's Club or Costco to get good deals on bulk food.
  8. mousie

    How bad is Deli meat as a protein

    If you get smoked turkey from the deli (not in the packages), you should be okay. Keep a watchful eye on the sodium content!
  9. mousie

    Getting back into bodybuilding

    I'm trying to get back into bodybuilding after a few years of letting myself go. I really need a lifestyle change for my physical, mental, and emotional health. Anyone have any tips about easing back into the sport (working out and diet)? It seems like every time I attempt to get back into...
  10. mousie

    Mousie's Thread

    Now that's funny
  11. mousie

    The biggest Loser

    Yeah, the finalists were definitely amazing - I only watched the finale. The thing that annoyed me the most was Suzy's emotional breakdowns.
  12. mousie

    Mousie's Thread

    WTF is going on with my thread?! No gay pics!
  13. mousie

    American Idol

    Thank you!
  14. mousie

    American Idol

    Anyone know who got kicked off of American Idol tonight?!?!
  15. mousie

    GIANT baby

    All I have to say is...ouch! You know that she's not going to be getting any...
  16. mousie

    The Penis Game

    The Penis of Oz
  17. mousie

    Amercian Idol 4

    I am in love with American Idol...
  18. mousie

    Michael Jackson

    Michael's guilty - that's all I have to say.
  19. mousie

    Will 1-AD cause my dick to shrink?

    WoW, yet the little computer nerd keeps coming back...hahaha. I guess he hasn't learned his lesson. :laugh:
  20. mousie

    Mousie's Transformation

    Ah...I miss the humor from this site...