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  1. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    Fantastic workouts... NICE "Light" presses too!!!
  2. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    Missed some SERIOUS workouts in here Brotha... Your progression is excellent, and solid pressing movements... How is your shoulder holding up and feeling??? :thumbs:
  3. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    SOLID Squats Brotha!!! I also use a Trap-Bar for my Deads... Major difference than the regular straight bar... parallel grip and pulling straight up is WONDERFUL!!! I put Deads in last so I don't get stupid (LoL) with the weight... So thats why I go higher reps 12-15, and of course you know...
  4. King Silverback

    jhawkin1's journy to excellence

    I'll follow along... Best of Wishes Brotha!!!
  5. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    GREAT workout... I agree on the Deads to a point... I sometimes like to include higher reps on the Deads and ALOT on the squats... But you know me Brotha... One and DONE LoL!!! I havn't started one YET... Look for it soon!!! :rocker:
  6. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    Rockin some solid workouts Brotha!!! How do the preacher curls feel on your shoulder??? It always seemed to push mine forward and hurt so I nixed 'em!!! Lookin like a Champ in here my Friend!!!
  7. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    Excellent JD... I agree with your take on the free weight vs. machine and the guided plane... Makes perfect sense to me!!! My shoulder is doin great, still havnt taken xrays yet, Will do it just to make sure!!! Look in my pics here, there is one with my belt on...
  8. Muay Thai Kickboxing Champ of Missouri ('97)

    Muay Thai Kickboxing Champ of Missouri ('97)

  9. My Babydoll and me...

    My Babydoll and me...

  10. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    RIP Tev... Great lookin workouts JD... That is odd about the fixed plane feeling better... Hmmm, Interesting!!! Never got to know/Talk with Tev... But being a former Amatuer Muay Thai Superheavyweight Missouri Champion (WAAAAAAY back in '97) I have MAD respect for him and his record!!!
  11. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    Take it slow Brotha... Your already earlier than your supposed to be so that right there is awesome news... Good lookin presses too on the HS... How does your shoulder feel on the fixed plane of the HS as opposed to a DB press???
  12. King Silverback

    Willing to try anything

    Hey Sistah... Guess who???
  13. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    Good lookin workout Brotha... Excellent presses on the Hammer Strength too... Your gonna make me start a journal again my Friend!!!
  14. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    LoL... Thanks Brotha!!! Good lookin workout too my Friend!!!
  15. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    Hey Brotha... I'm baaaaack!!!
  16. King Silverback

    Reign Of Intensity

    Thanks Gaz, appreciate that!!! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!! N ot going into specifics on the workouts at the moment, keeping it super intense with pre-x and then blasting away with the rest!!! Changing gyms and going back to 24hr within the next 2 weeks, then will begin posting...
  17. King Silverback

    Maximum Gazhole

    Agree with all the others, wonder if thats what my problem is, when I push into my right rhomboid, it sends a pain, and yet a enjoyable pressure throughout my entire shoulder socket, hope that makes sense??? Anyway, lookin solid in here, hope the injury is on the mend for good!!!
  18. King Silverback

    Jersey's "Me Too" Journal

    Great workouts JD, Strong and Fullbody at that!!! Hope ALL is well with you and heres to your dog being ok too my Friend!!! GOD speed!!!
  19. King Silverback

    Curt James' training journal

    CJ, lookin good my friend, sorry your vacation is over now, however those cookies you ate, well... lets just say I'm JEALOUS!!!
  20. King Silverback

    Triple Threat's Terrific Tales of Training Triumphs, Trials and Tribulations

    Excellent workouts Triple!!! I have always been droppin in and checkin on my peeps, just wasnt into posting my workouts!!! Hope the back is ok my Friend, sucks when ya gotta nurse any kind of injury!!! Best Wishes!!!