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  1. hardasnails1973

    Sassy69: BB to Physique 2012

    So how does eating like a rabbit feel like :)
  2. hardasnails1973

    Joe Franco's contest prep journal for fall of 2011.

    Joe, I am sending a guy over to you for posing soon lives in warrington so hes close. Sheena will be getting in contact with you soon as well. You probably do not know me via screen name, but I did shelly's contest prep for her show last fall. Keep pumping dude you look great.
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    Have you ever thought about creating an HRT only section. I think it would benefit alot of guys...

    Have you ever thought about creating an HRT only section. I think it would benefit alot of guys. I be glad to moderate it since I have 3,000 + hours clinical expereince in the field :)
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    Suggestions on HRT

    I use ipamorelian with cj1293 and having great results..I use 100mcgs of each right before going to bed resulting in a spike of 1.5-2 ius of gh. If you use it in the morning again then you get another spike. Be a medical professional i can tell you no good dr is going to order gh. If there is...
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    GO FIGURE: Kicking Arse and Taking Names !!

    Considering I should be dead, but you could not keep a good man down !! :daydream:
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    GO FIGURE: Kicking Arse and Taking Names !!

    Just training people creating some freaks as I have in the past ..hint hint. Actually I have taken to the medical field. My freinds call me "Dr House" as I help people that modern medicine can not. I am in process of establish nation wide Think tank for dr's to come together and consult on...
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    GO FIGURE: Kicking Arse and Taking Names !!

    Hey toots whats up!! Its been years since I have heard from you.. Looks like you are doing well :)
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    Scary Muscle Spasm Today In Ab Region

    To me it sounds like you are over training or getting possible too much insulin after a work out causing you to go slighly hypoglycemic. After going hypoglycemic (common in bodybuilders) you deplete your cortisol levels and start leaking magnesium, potassium, sodium. When this happens you have...
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    Advice on My Blood Work

    After seeing thousands of blood results you are low thyroid, but you may also have low adrenal reseerves or what is commonly called adrenal insuffiency. Your low T could be due to over training or improper balanced die, poor lifestyle, sleep hygiene, emotional or hidden infections, ect.. We may...
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    adrenal fatigue or what else?

    Well right now I am dealing with full blown adrenal fatigue due to years of ECA stack.. If you want to continue this behavior be my guess because most likely you will end up being one of the hundreds of my clients that are dealing with hormone and adrenal related issue. It is not a pretty sight...
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    Low Testosterone levels

    Your Dr is freaken idiot as many as i have encountered in my clients. BTW I am a few months away from finishing my Doctorate in naturopathic medicine and as you guys know I have come a long way since I first started posting on her. Actually right now I help run a HRT clinic that specializes...
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    Ibuprofen....Danny81's new roid.

    Good to be back, but I hardly have time to post like I have been. I do alternative medicine, nutritional consulting,nutrient testing, HRT dealing specializing in thyroid and adrenal imbalances. So I am pretty busy these days Oh yes I have come leaps and bounds in these past few years. I also...
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    Ibuprofen....Danny81's new roid.

    Fucks up your liver depletes gluthione..why take NAC
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    Why is my wife not losing weight?

    She needs to examine life styles and proper nutrition evalution, plus check your thyroid and adrenals.
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    Broccoli 'stops' prostate cancer

    No shit because of IC3 in it NO brainer..:thumb:
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    Scared Shitless

    Gluten-Free Recipes - Healthy Living - All Recipes just google celiac disease and recipees.. Hey if get bored you can always take up being a frugal gourmet and cooking to help get mind off things :D
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    Scared Shitless

    Jodi what do you think of a salt water flush for him in the morning. Those colonics have to be depleting you of electroplytes. Like 1 tsp of unrefined seas salts in 1 liter of water. Does it feel dry down there or your bowels just not moving possible because of lack of neurotransmitters...
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    Scared Shitless

    NO one said you were ever shy thats for sure. Gettting the shit out will help reduce estrogen levels and get the blood flowing again. REmember your prostrate might be being pressed up against colon in volume of fecal matter. When you get hard ons in the morning then you are really making...
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    Scared Shitless

    Finally getting out the sludge that the probiotics are help loosing up !!