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  1. GreatWhiteTruth

    Q & A with IFBB Pro Tracy Bodner (aka IslandGirl)

    Tracy where ya been??? Staying pretty busy?
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    Needle -pin pic after use!!!

    Aside from everything else, this is also another reason I use a different draw pin. I draw with a 21 and swap out with a 23 or 25 depending. Good post.:winkfinger:
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    Is all British Dragon gear fake??

    I've used this in the past ^ and I loved every minute of it. If you see anything rocking the old BD labels, I would stay away from it.
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    Thou Shall Cut on Gear and Bulk off Cycle

    Good article to revisit.
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    From a cut to a bulk advice

    Unless you plan on jumping on the gear I personally wouldn't bother with it. Not for that amount of time. You will be disappointed with the results. I like running bulks and cuts for at least 12 weeks periods. A month and a half isn't enough time to solidify what little gains you would make.
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    Cut or bulk?

    That's much better than the split/routine you layed out before. One thing I always tell people is to listen to their bodies and not their egos. If you feel that on curl days you just arent responding anymore, then throw in some supplementary work after your heavy compounds. Something like light...
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    Recipe I use when Bulking, And Lean bulking that is Cheap!! and Packed with Protein

    Just wanted to bump this thread and give huge props to OSL. Just finished this dish and it tastes great! Full of flavor! :winkfinger: The only thing I did different was use ground turkey, and I cooked the rice in a rice cooker. Everything else is near identical. I went with Italian seasonings...
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    Cutting Diet

    Fuckin A Right Sass! Well said. :clapping:
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    Cutting Diet

    Starting out this is fine, but it should stay that way. ^This is the problem. You are dropping your calories waaaay too soon. Every 10 days is not enough time. I would say bare minimum 4-6 weeks depending on the individual, and keep the cardio consistent. You will rebound faster than kareem...
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    Long time no see sloppy! What's new?

    Long time no see sloppy! What's new?
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    Cutting Diet

    Yeah live and learn I guess. The pizza and soda was just too good! lol. It really is truly amazing at the effect that water weight has on the appearance of an individual. I'll definitely be better prepared this next show. To the OP - If nothing else, take sassy's advice to heart. She knows a...
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    Cutting Diet

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    Victor martinez is free!! Photos after release!

    Wow, he DID shrink. He'll get it back though.
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    How to burn fat fast?

    ^THIS!^ Ken's post is on point as usual. DO NOT get caught up in the "I just do alot of cardio and exercise to mitigate my crappy diet" mindset. Unless you enjoy feeling like a hamster on a wheel. :winkfinger:
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    How to burn fat fast?

    Diet, and cardio. There is no escaping it.
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    Cutting Diet

    I too have a problem with water retention. The day after this last competition I woke up 8lbs heavier no kidding! I theorize that I have somewhat of an insulin sensitivity issue, so I can kinda see where you are coming from. If your maintenance is 3000, you are going to feel like straight...
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    what gives that insanely grainy look??

    This is probably closest to the truth. Carbohydrate manipulation combined with water depletion in the last 36 hours give or take before the show can have a profound effect on your appearance. In the last 36 hours before my show after I had dropped water and carbs, (then spiked them the day of...
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    T3 without anabolics. Just how catabolic is it?

    This has been my experience. An EC stack should do you well.
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    Q & A with IFBB Pro Tracy Bodner (aka IslandGirl)

    WOW. I had a blast tonight. I was worried about competing due to losing so much mass (235 to 196!), but I learned alot about the pre-contest piece of bodybuilding, diet, and nutrition. Not only that, but the life lessons I have learned from this experience are invaluable. I definitely think I...
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    I stay away from it. You have to be very careful about what orange juice you get. Check the nutrition label. Some brands have a ton of sugar in them and you don't even realize it. There are a couple 10 calorie, diet ocean spray drinks I like with zero sugar. And they taste great! Just look for...