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    Contact the rep in their sub - also give them adequate time ~
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    Should You Be Using an Ice Bath for Mental & Physical Recovery?

    This looks interesting even for older guys -if I can get by the initial shock, I am thinking about it -anybody tried this? Maybe start with cold shower? Thanks
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    Can Sildenafil Build Muscle and Boost Testosterone?

    I use Cialis daily and has helped many things - definitely not just erectile dysfunction - that is just ONE of the benefits
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    F*ck the Police

    LMAO - they can't even get along with each other ~
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    An Overall Health Supplement Every Man Needs

    I actually get good relief on my joints while using just turmeric ~
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    Female client getting Orgasm on Anavar ? while doing Abs ? Any thoughts ?

    Need video to check situation ~
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    Greg Doucette ADMITS GUILT In The Turkesterone SCAM

    Interesting - but more disgusting than anything else ~
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    Which AI do you personally prefer and why? A look at the biology that's behind aromatase/estro conversion "AI's by EP at PSL"

    Just on low dose TRT but I use asin " very light " and it does the trick ~
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    Stay Positive - Rich Piana

    Good stuff here -live by it ~
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    Microdosing Testosterone - Interview with a Real Patient

    Great info - if you can remember to do that many sticks -I prefer twice a week as it keeps me at around 800 ng/dl (125 mgs a week spilt) - but many variables - need to do bloodwork on a regular basis - constantly adjusting
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    Amber Heard Net Worth

    Not bad for a lousy blowie - damn
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    The Benefits of Kombucha Tea and Why You Should Drink It

    The tea is great for my stomach - think I will try making it ~
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    Olive Oil and Fat Loss: The Science

    I use about 2 tablespoons per day and it helps with energy levels
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    Ray Liotta Dead at 67, Passed in His Sleep in Dominican Republic

    Loved him in Field of Dreams
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    Giant Memorial Day Sale at StraightUpK

    Some of the best krat on the market ~
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    Used to add provi to my cycle -made me feel really positive and horny as hell -used UGL ~
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    Low-carb diet makes it easier to maintain weight loss

    I try to stay low carb-higher protein and as much cardio as I can do ~
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    TikTok Star Says She Needed Surgery After Losing Vibrator in Butt

    I have a really great set of very long needle nose pliers
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    REALLY? Creatine reduces the need for sleep

    Interesting -I battle sleep almost nightly - so I use Dream and Grow -and about 4 grams of krat - works like a charm ~