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  1. strongman760

    "NEW BATCH" Orangtops Puretropin HPLC Test Results

    What?s the difference between their orange tops and grey tops?
  2. strongman760

    Greytop hgh

    Good stuff whether u call it generic, gh, high, or whatever I had a box a few years ago and did blood work and really liked them
  3. strongman760

    The Grey Top brand hgh

    Used the grey top once and loved them
  4. strongman760

    Asia pharma and british dragon vials ! Buy 2 get 2 free!

    I have made many orders with WP and he's always been great to deal with and no problems. I'm sure it will all be fine
  5. strongman760

    Bench press 315x16

    Thanks guys. I was wanting to put some new vids up cause bench was going really well but unfortunately I didn't take any and I just tore my distal bicep tendon so now I won't be getting any new vids up just surgery.
  6. strongman760

    Bayer Proviron. Who wants it?

    I'd be interested are you going to stick this? I'm gonna be getting some in a week or two
  7. strongman760

    Bench press 315x16

    Thanks man. That's good with no spotter. I've been dealing with some shoulder issues but hoping to post some more bids soon
  8. strongman760

    Benefits of HGH....could you get a BIGGER penis? How do I make HGH more effective?

    Dang buddy u been through alot. Hopefully one day u can get back to training like u want. I thought I'd never be able to train hard again and luckily by the grace of God I have been able to start training hard aga u n for past year ofcourse still have some back pain but not even close to what I...
  9. strongman760

    WP TD, porn inside

    Glad to see you got it all buddy
  10. strongman760

    Asia pharma and british dragon sale buy 2 get 1 free!

    Farva you can buy the whole shop once you peel that label off your liter of cola and win a million bucks!!! :) best movie ever
  11. strongman760

    strongman760 quest

    Been working out of town for a while so training has sucked but I competed in a competition two weeks ago and finished tied for first place Log clean and press for max weight 270x1 ( terrible log press for me) 18" deadlift for max weight 800x1 Farmers hold for max time 520lbs for 49 seconds...
  12. strongman760

    strongman760 quest

    been working out of town and 16 hr days but came home on the weekend and got a training session in on sat a week before my competition Log clean & press 100x15 150x10 190x8 240x8 260x4 280x2 300x1 240x6 150x6 18" deadlift 135x10 225x10 315x6 405x4 495x4 585x1 635x1 675x1 Farmers hold 520lbs...
  13. strongman760

    Thoughts on BB vs PL

    I've seen alot of power lifters and strongman tgat look just as good or better than some of the bodybuilders I've seen in off season but tgen u do have probably the majority of powerlifters that have no interest in staying lean or looking decent. I myself like the bodybuilder look better but...
  14. strongman760

    gh and igf1 test results. u guys think it's real?

    Canada peptides.
  15. strongman760

    gh and igf1 test results. u guys think it's real?

    Into my second kit of 4iu a day. Did have to take 3 days off it prior to test though
  16. strongman760

    strongman760 quest

    Thanks lewie562 thanks man I appreciate it. I'm hoping to see some big strength gains in next 3 months if all goes as planned!!
  17. strongman760

    Anvar/Test Cycle

    Never seen 50mg but I wouldn't be surprised if some ugl made them. Like Johnson said I've only seen 10-20 and 2.5 from prescription
  18. strongman760

    strongman760 quest

    He's a nice guy. That's my home gym I have everything needed there plus all strongman equipment
  19. strongman760

    Anvar/Test Cycle

    I'm not sure what your trying to say about 50mg tabs being 5 times weaker than 10mg tabs?? It's just a different MG. Not sure what your saying or asking
  20. strongman760

    strongman760 quest

    Haha no but that would be an honor. I got to meet Thor at the Arnold and I actually was on stage spotting him for some events years ago. Next to him he makes me feel like a 10 year old he's huge!!