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  1. blergs.

    EQ , Mast Prop or Tbol

    I LOVE maste, so great stacked with teste, low or high test depending on goals . even for bulking ( I know its not stated as the norm but its great!) I would honestly say try mast if you havent and see what you think,
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    Barely Legal....

    I love this thread LOL
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    Just one pin each week!

    I like pinning 1x a week myself. i still do it with teste as i feel fine and have no issues and good gains for years, but often go with 2x a week for teste. but this would be ideal for 1x a week!!! :)
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    Chico nuebo

    Welcome to the forum! :)
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    Celticbull new member

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    New here

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    New member/ new sponsor

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    Here is Why Trenbolone is The Worst Steroid of All Time

    I'm not a fan of it either. rather a little deca or maste with my test IMO
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    Pre workout

    green tea or a coffee with taurine, b12 and creatine.
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    Shitty sleep

    drop all meds. google "zen music" try cannabis with valarian root tea or kava kava root . IMO
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    10 year anniversary.....

    HAppy anniversary ! Yeah... the years seem to tick by at times... FML... tick tock tick tock...
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    CBP seized my package

    OP, don't respond to letter. you never got the letter nor know what it is about... got it?
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    CBP seized my package

    read our rules.. and stop phishing for sales via PM. become a verified sponsor like everyone else or move on please. Thank you ps. I deleted your other thread
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    How much protein?

    nothing wrong with beans or legumes (half my diet lol) but i agree on rest cept meat! :) ^^^
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    How often do you guys have a cheat meal on a cut

    Atleast once a week! still generally healthy for me, but high cal foods and volume . like home made veggie pizza, fries and spring rolls! haha
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    New Coach to the Board

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    plant protein warning!

    you make no sense and what I can make out is BS... I live animal product free for over 10 years and I am healthy and estrogen is not an issue. I use vegan protein powder and eat alot of whole foods... if anything chemical grown soy is bad, but organic non gmo soy is good for you. ofrouce not...
  19. blergs.

    How much protein?

    its fine. could go 1.5g though. and if anything higher after training and day after. you dont grow at the gym, you grow resting after the gym
  20. blergs.

    Weight Gainers

    i unno. oats, protein, banana nutbutter and blend just too easy