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  1. ZECH

    Good or bunk test

    I have heated some before back into solution only to have it crystalize again. Just reheat it gently and you will be fine. It is near or slightly over the saturation point.
  2. ZECH

    Buy 1 get 1 FREE offer-limited!

    Its good stuff. Good deal
  3. ZECH

    How would you run Test 400 with super Tren at age 38?

    If the above breakdown is correct, the test having 3 esters and tren 3 esters, Im not really a fan of. Blood levels will flucuate too much imo. It will work, but I rather run single esters. You can control things easier!
  4. ZECH

    -GMO Dedication Thread-

    Very sad!
  5. ZECH

    Pinning sites

    glutes, delts and pecs for me. I would like to add quads but I think it will be a pain.
  6. ZECH

    Barely Legal....

    Holy hell! I would give everything for this!
  7. ZECH

    It looks like pars owns the mods and ag

    To be fair here, I have used Pars Tren and prop. Both give good results to me. It's clean and no PIP. If any did give an infection, Im sure its an isolated case, but too many other things can cause that.
  8. ZECH

    Receive 10 x 10ml steroids free! May crazy offer!

    Damn awesome! Great oppoprtunity!
  9. ZECH

    Cyp/Enanth Stupid Question

    Juice is right. But if you brew your own you can get by with addinng 20% bb to the cyp and it will hold
  10. ZECH

    Optimal Tren Cycle

    No I would say for 80% + of people his advice was correct. Yes people are different and react different, but in general, the 2:1 advice is dead on
  11. ZECH

    Looking for help getting my beach body back!

    Welcome Lisa! Vic is a great guy and it is great to have you here!
  12. ZECH

    Test Propionate and Tren Acetate cycle

    Agree if you are dead set on running it, I would start with 50mg/50mg. For your age and weight that should be more than enough. You should see good gains and you could up it to 75mg the last several weeks if you want.
  13. ZECH

    For Men....

    LOL, well I dated a hottie for the past month. Took her to the beach for a few days, paid for everything, bought her flowers, cards, and went out to eat everytime we were together. I knew she was sending messages to multiple guys on Facebook flirting and giving her phone number to them. Finally...
  14. ZECH

    My Prop bunk or what?

    Look in the gear pic thread. That BD is very old and I think fake
  15. ZECH

    tren ace users..........

    Today will be day 8 for me on tren at 50mg/day and 50mg/day prop. No sides at all yet but did have wild dreams last night. Slept good and no sweats. Also running 1200 cyp week
  16. ZECH

    Anyone ever use this brand

    No source checking!
  17. ZECH

    prop ed vs eod

    Im running 50mg ed prop 50mg tren ed. Pinning delts and pecs with slin pins. Easy
  18. ZECH

    Welcome VictorZ06 our new Supermod!

    Congrats Vic!
  19. ZECH

    Test P / Tren Ace ratio

    Currently running 50mg prop 50mg tren daily along with 1200 cyp weekly
  20. ZECH

    Congrats exphys!!

    Good post J!