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    LOL, we share a fascintion.

    LOL, we share a fascintion.
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    Looking forward to meeting you at the O Bro. I will not be at the USAs due to being out of the...

    Looking forward to meeting you at the O Bro. I will not be at the USAs due to being out of the country touring a facility we may be working with in the future. BTW, the O is a blast Bro!
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    Not at all. It will increase ketone utilization. In short, you will burn more fat.
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    Its certainly true. I was laughing due to the oxymoron. Like eating Valtrex before a first date. One of the treatments for alcohol posing in a BCAA/Glutamine feed to clear the alcohol fatty permeation from nephrones and reduce blood ammonia. I guess nothing left to do but do a study. Cgrant, I...
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    LOL, I know a club that makes drinks with Chain'd Out and HumaPro drink mixes. Not bad and the owner swears no hangovers. UUUUUUm, ok
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    John Connor

    Thank you Brother. Chemistry is chemistry and physiliogy....well, you get the point. Good to have you with us
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    My friend heavyiron suggested I come by

    Nice rack lady!:clapping:
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    amino fast charge

    Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Artificial Flavor Is this what you are using? If so its made by likely the best amino acid company there is. We buy custom fermented aminos from them in fact. As a formula, its pretty much a way under dosed amino acid energy substrate and vit/min supplement. Not...
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    amino acid tabs

    Good point, thank you. What about all of the toxic waste like ammonia, nitrite, uric acid and the rest of the uremic system that builds up in your blood and tissues acting like a jake break on an up hill climb? Kind of like a fish living in a green nitrogen waste toxic fish tank does not fair...
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    There are only a few concerns in regard to amino acid receptors. Creatine is not one of them so go big. Since HumaPro increases nutrient up-take you "should" see a notable difference in increases creatine up take as well. Please note I said "should" It says so on paper ut I have not personally...
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    Bulk BCAA taste

    Very true Minimal, and forgive me if this was a private thread. But there is much to add to that basic. First, 40% of unprotected BCAA (yes, it can be prevented), whether in whey, chicken or pure free form is lost to coversion to glucose during digestion. Second your body may be able to utlilze...
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    strongest fat burners

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    Yeah, actually too many people screwed that up for you. First for us to ship to Poland (example), pay teriffs etc is about $190 a unit. Second, seems a lot of overseas postal servicies lose product when not picked up in a certain short period (then people bitch at us for the gift they did not...
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    Bonesaw: I noted in one of your other post that you were asking about taking regular amino acids. Please do not do so with the bottle of HumaPro you have. The waste aminos in the hydrolized amino acids will destroy the 99% NNU and effectiveness of HumaPro. Kind of like taking estrogen with...
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    WOW! You just won a free trip to the Olympia! You nailed it dead on. Send Laina a PM and this post and welcome to the insanity of the show! Wow, too cool
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    Jungle Warfare Extreme Reviews?

    Running JWE with DAA will prett much just waste your cashe on both. Two compounds share the same receptors and will fight for up take. DAA hits an increase in test of about 37% average (when its not actually L-aspartic Acid..we have tested 19 so far looking for one we could work with and all but...
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    The Clean Thread! An AP, SFW, LHJO, Prip, GICH Thread!

    ROFLMAO! Naw, it may not have enough illegal substances for me but thanks. Anything made up sequenced amino acids has to be BS, like testosterone, GH, Insulin, Tren, 1295, 1291, IGF-1 ever did anything. Its just amino acids for Gods sake! Hi Cgrant.
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    amino acid tabs

    Hey Bro, curious as to what it is that makes you believe that? As a whole, general fully hydrolized cows protein (amino acids) is a waste, just curious bout your reasoning and the related science. Thanks!
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    Just dropping in to say hello Bro The graphics are awesome BTW

    Just dropping in to say hello Bro The graphics are awesome BTW
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    Chain'd Reaction

    BA: Thanks for the first input and realy glad you enjoyed it so far. Its pretty hard to put fat on with it and carb load like a pregnant lady. In regard to your lady, HumaPro and diabetes. She really needs to watch her BG close for awhile. HumaPro has an insulin analog in it that is lipolytic...