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    popped naps cherry

    Fuck dude! Really? That's super legit. What did you get?
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    Naps Gear Help

    Damn. 2010 lol I haven't used the wallet yet, so in useless in helping you man. Naps will sort it out for you though. Keep us posted with what goes down. Interested to see how this works.
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    Shipping experience question?

    Fuck trying to track anything from overseas. Unless its FedEx lol I like the surprise of finding goodies in my mailbox. If four or five weeks go by pm a rep. They'll be able to help.
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    9 days

    I've been very fortunate with naps. Nine days is super effin fast.
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    go products

    Wtf is GP?!?!! Kidding,,,, I've never been let down by GP. I've used most of the product line now. At least the basics. All have been legit.
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    Fuck winny! Lol I've took the gp tabs and they are legit. I've tried to pin winny and couldn't deal. It drank just fine though haha
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    Loyalty Discount Coupon Program

    Very nice naps! 20% is a sweet deal.
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    6 days of Helios

    Nice man keep it up! I've ran Helios once in the past, but not from naps. Looking forward to your feedback.
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    Test E/Tren E

    Good advice! That blend looks sick.
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    Winstrol depot or tabs?

    Tabs all the way. The one time I tried inj winny it crippled me. I ended up drinking it.
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    Any balkan/non-geneza experience

    I've ran some random biomex, genshi, and HG gear from naps with no complaints. If they carry it then I trust its legit.
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    naps is killing it right now!!

    Sweet gear porn bro!
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    Anyone run GP Arimidex or Proviron??

    Yep. Both are legit. I'm with bmw on the aromasin.
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    geneza pharmaceuticals sachets

    I'm pretty sure I've used these same sachets lol They turned me off from sachets all together. I'm sure naps offering is gtg, but I'd go with vials if possible.
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    Ill's naps log!

    Sub'd for results!
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    Questioning why

    Sad truth. Sorry i have no first hand with accordo. I do know Naps would not stock it if it was trash.
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    Nice!!!!!! Time to post up some of those noods gxr's girl has been texting me :D
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    TD!!!!!!!! pic

    Nice! Please post up a review of this mast.
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    Oral Tren the Hype

    To me it sounds like you're getting all the oral tren goodness with none of the oral tren sides. That's fucking awesome. I've read some horror stories though. Stomach issues to the point of not being able to eat and severe insomnia. That's what scares me away. I never really experienced any...
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    12 days

    Looks like they got it together! Very nice.