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  1. LovetaH19

    Dumbass and HCG

    Could you pm me sherk? I've not found a good legit hcg supplier either and need one.
  2. LovetaH19

    Brewer needing help!?

    I love brewing my own stuff have for a good bit...just lost my guy and was wondering if there was a sponsor out there that still did that. I'm well stocked as now i just need some more unique stuff, if you would be so kind as to lend a word of advice pm me please...don't want to be throwing...
  3. LovetaH19

    can't view a specific sponsor forum! Help!

    Yeah i'm just out nearly 300 bucks. Dam Raws
  4. LovetaH19

    Need help please!

    Because I can't post it in his forum, and he won't respond to any of my emails or pm's. and second, he owes me 100g's of dvds intl. As good a business i gave the guy for so long all i want to know is if my dvds are g2g? Found a much better source, if raws makes good on me then i'll continue to...
  5. LovetaH19

    RNM"S Touchdown Thread

    I ordered from raws, intl dvds, and I just need a shipment confirmation. and why is it I can't access your sponsor forum anymore man? I've gave you plenty of biz, after i receive my order I always place another one and always been done good. If we can't get you on email how are we supposed to...
  6. LovetaH19

    Need help please!

    I can't view raws n more's forum, but when i used a buddies computer it worked fine and i could access the whole forum. But on my own computer I can't access any of raw's forum and i even tried using a diff username? can anyone give me any insight on what this problem might be?
  7. LovetaH19

    can't view a specific sponsor forum! Help!

    Trust me i've done my research, i'm just wondering why i can access his forum through another computer using the same username but can't on my computer even using a username i just created..?
  8. LovetaH19

    can't view a specific sponsor forum! Help!

    yet, how do i fix it?
  9. LovetaH19

    can't view a specific sponsor forum! Help!

    I haven't been able to access raws n more's sponsor forum but I can access other sponsor forums. And today i used a buddy's computer and accessed it fine. Help suggestions? Please Help!
  10. LovetaH19

    No more rnm?

    Hurry back Raws, got some biz for ya.
  11. LovetaH19

    RAWS is still around

    Can someone pm me with a sponsor that sells raw powders? Raw went down RIGHT before I was gonna place another order and I need to find some powders...any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. LovetaH19

    Customer for life, you've always made good on your word. Look forward to doing more business...

    Customer for life, you've always made good on your word. Look forward to doing more business with you.
  13. LovetaH19

    Brewing advice

    So i know all the standard recipes for brewing, my ? is, is using EO in stead of the standard ba bb recipe produce a smoother oil or is it ba bb that's the least painful of the two. i've been using a sources gear that's painless and I heard that he didn't use bb at all, and I've pinned some of...
  14. LovetaH19

    besides me...

    Dissing Raws intelligence? That's a rather bold statement, considering he has his shit on lock and IMO the best source that offers whatever you could want. Man has to have his shit in serious order to accomplish what he has so quickly. Cerebrum, what's that? oh u must mean the primary motor...
  15. LovetaH19

    First pack arrival?

    Every source has their issues once in a while, I won't get into the beauracratic details but yeah, I'm just hoping to get my shit by Christmas. At the same time I'm grateful that this whole ordeal did many better more reliable and cheaper sources out there :daydream:
  16. LovetaH19

    Back Haul Orders?

    So do you think we should contact naps cs and see if they can give us any info other than wait a bit longer...I ordered early june so I'm thinking I might need a reship. Oh and what does the seize letter look like? Does it have a return address of us customs or anything?
  17. LovetaH19

    has anyone recieved gear in usa?

    It's like every other day...if i checked everyday i don't think i could handle it. I'm just waiting for an unexpected surprise.
  18. LovetaH19

    has anyone recieved gear in usa?

    I've been waiting on my order since first week in june...and honestly I'm kinda' glad naps had their little issue or else I would still be waiting on them and would have never found new and better sources. I might order from them in the future (probly not) and when I do get my stuff i'll just...
  19. LovetaH19


    All my other estrogen problems seem fine, a little bloat but nothing major. Seems my skin wants to stay oily and prone to acne...which isn't like me.
  20. LovetaH19


    I know this is a bit basic, but does aromasin help with acne? I didn't know if that was an estrogen related problem.