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  1. Bigbully100678

    calling out bitchs and fucking cunts

    Ha ha, jokes on you! I saw the capt'n putting up 350 six months ago....
  2. Bigbully100678

    Progress Pictures...

    Keep guessing jizz farmer!
  3. Bigbully100678


    Because he frequently hangs out with Moe and Ron. Apparently they have some pull around here.
  4. Bigbully100678

    calling out bitchs and fucking cunts

    That's "NOT" what he said....
  5. Bigbully100678

    Progress Pictures...

    Great job! The beard seems to have improved quite nicely!
  6. Bigbully100678

    The Rock has upped the dose big time

    But every time he was, there was a rotation of wrestlers in his mind that he was picturing himself with instead of the chics.
  7. Bigbully100678

    How Beer Saved the World

    A lot of people think the Egyptians had slaves build the pyramids. Not true they were paid workers, one of the! Anyhow anyone here tried weistephaen beer? It's my favorite. It's from the oldest brewery in the world in Germany. I just saw a commercial yesterday where they got...
  8. Bigbully100678

    Buldging Herniated Disk

    They'll give you some meds that are weird. You'll lie down, start receiving the meds, and you won't remember a thing from the shot. It's not anesthetics, but something else. Anyhow, hopefully it works for you. It did nothing for me. Good luck!!
  9. Bigbully100678

    Bill Maher: Jesus Just F*cked Tim Tebow Bad

    I was seriously upset when he died. He was a comedic genius. A lot of his humor had a serious side to it as well. R.I.P. George Carlin
  10. Bigbully100678

    Bill Maher: Jesus Just F*cked Tim Tebow Bad

    christian athletes - YouTube lXV0VKX2m6Q
  11. Bigbully100678

    Bodybuilder Jay Cutler Has a Net Worth of $30 Million

    He's not with muscle tech anymore? Who is he with now?
  12. Bigbully100678

    preferred pre-workout

    Got some samples of the nitrflex at the Europa earlier this year. That stuff is for real!!
  13. Bigbully100678

    Chocolate Whey Souffle'

    Going to have to try this!
  14. Bigbully100678

    Should i feel bad?

    ....naked, and bring your mom.
  15. Bigbully100678

    How big is your dick?

    Weenie geanie
  16. Bigbully100678

    Hulk Hogan Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Ex-Wife

    I watched a special on I think A&E, that was about him. Caulked funding hulk Hogan it something like that. Anyhow, she totally fucked him, as well as her kids. Their daughter doesn't really like her. When their son got in that accident, and was hit with the civil law suit by the parents of the...
  17. Bigbully100678

    disposal of syringes / needles

    what's needle exchange?
  18. Bigbully100678

    BB ing terms / slang

    Nice work!
  19. Bigbully100678

    Buldging Herniated Disk

    I had the same exact pain in my left leg. It felt like someone was pouring liquid fire down the outside of my left leg. It got progressively worse as the day wore on as well.
  20. Bigbully100678


    That's EXACTLY what I do. Been doing it for a few Weeks now, going pretty well.