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  1. KelJu

    I found an OTC SARM vendor. They are selling LGD-4033 and mk-2866 in a pill. I bought 30 bottles and are selling them at our store. Feedback has been good, but I don't know if the pills are legit or if customers are having placebo. Either way, I wonder how much trouble these people could get...
  2. KelJu

    Please help with my marriage and life issue

    Sounds like you want to throw away a perfectly good sane wife because she isn't Bill O'reilly with tits. You shouldn't have gotten married. You shouldn't get married again. You definitely shouldn't have kids.
  3. KelJu

    Why do asians look like they have jandice

    Hahaha! This is true. The dudes make much better chicks than the Asian chicks do. How do you fuck up being a chick?
  4. KelJu


    I have a friend who has been asking me about it. i said it was dangerous, but you guys make it seem like something worth a try if you have the discipline to follow the protocol. Are any of the board sponsors good to go as a source for DNP?
  5. KelJu

    Hows Blojobama doing now

    No, it doesn't, not when we were faced with the options available to us. Obama has sucked as a president. You know what? I'd vote for the mother fucker again if I were faced with the decision. The candidates put up by the republican party were fucking scary. Your obsession and man crush on...
  6. KelJu

    About to throw the towel in after almost 20 years....

    That really sucks man! I hope you come back from your injuries. I know it is a long shot, both my moth and brother have had spinal surgeies, so I know how serious that issue is. I am much younger than you and I am going through similar shit. Because of my shitty insurance I have to wait until...
  7. KelJu

    Hi-Tech sued the FDA. In the meantime they are selling products with DMAA.

    That product does not say it has DMAA in it.
  8. KelJu

    Dating Mexican Girls

    I love Mexican girls, but only if they are Mexican national, immigrant, or first generation. Almost all of my experience so far is second generation American Mexican woman seem to all want to be nigger thug hood rats.
  9. KelJu

    umbilical hernia surgery

    Mother fucker, that is what I've got. I have an appointment late September to have mine seen about. My intestine is poking through the top of my belly button. I can't lift, I can't hardly fuck, pushing really hard on a turd hurts. It has fucking ruined my life.
  10. KelJu

    Woman shits/menstruates on ISIS flag.

    I those those chick's style. Not into blood or shit, but hey, it makes a statement.
  11. KelJu

    How to be a Gym Hater!

  12. KelJu

    Acne problems....

    I went straight to the big gun and ordered Accutane from Research Stop. IT should be here soon. I might also use dawn soap in the meantime. In the past, dermatologist prescribed all sorts of shit that was only marginally successful. I ordered accutane off the internet and it cleared my shit up...
  13. KelJu

    Z re-seller busted?

    His gear worked for me. I told a lot of people about it, and the gear worked for them as well. I can account for about 6 people who are way more jacked on his stuff than off of it. Is it pham grade or made in a bathtub? I don't know. Is it dosed correctly? I don't know. I never had it tested...
  14. KelJu

    MMA Fighter WarMachine is being hunted by law enforcement for beating his girlfriend

    I don't like her haircut, but she is a beautiful fucking woman! You faggots are gayer than me and I fuck a lot of dudes. Cheating on someone is not grounds for beating the fuck out of a woman. The way I see it, it is the man's fault for being with a woman who is cheating on them for the reasons...
  15. KelJu

    Man sets himself on fire and burns himself to death in protest of Chinese government

    They are doing the only thing they know to do to bring attention to what the Chinese are doing to them. It is an act of total selflessness. They are willing to die in agony in the hope that it will help their brothers. I see it as bad ass. They are hurting no one but themselves, and it seems to...
  16. KelJu

    Anyone Try Hi-Tech Jack'd Up with DMAA Yet?

    We sold it in our store and got great feedback. Hi-tech is legit. I haven't heard anything about taking three scoops. We bought 20 units to test it out and they flew off the shelves. I never even got a chance to try it.
  17. KelJu

    MMA Fighter WarMachine is being hunted by law enforcement for beating his girlfriend

    It is popular because of both the things you mentioned plus the fact that he is a semi-celebrity on the run from the law making twitter post as he runs.