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  1. futureMrO

    reddog cried to be a mod pfffft.......

    holy shit i haven't been on in half a year and that old fuck is still mad about not getting poles up his ass
  2. futureMrO

    Difference between Domestic supply and US domestic supply?

    Difference between Domestic supply and US domestic supply? They know of two different websites, with different shit, i used to always go through the link here which would take me to domestic supply, now it sends me to US domestic supply? whats the deal?
  3. futureMrO

    Where is the fucking action, reddog?

    reddog is still alive!!!!
  4. futureMrO

    Active members on this forum

    I'm here but barley, I'm just glad to see reddog fend off the ravages of old age and escape the nursing home often enough that he has time to sneak into a public library so he can jack off to IM
  5. futureMrO

    New Additions - Halo, Inj Dbol and MORE

    are all the promotions for international only?
  6. futureMrO

    First order

    I just placed and received my first order, here are my thoughts; the transaction process was very simple, easy and fast. The delivery time was very quick and well packaged, the part that impressed me the most were the bottles themselves and the packaging they came in, very legit looking, oil...
  7. futureMrO

    WTF is up with newbies

    should i take viagra? my stats; 1.5 inches long, 7 inches in circumference and half circumsized.
  8. futureMrO

    Has anybody Used GENTEX LABORATORIES

    i herd that stuff had goldfish piss in it ?
  9. futureMrO

    first cycle

    take ALL the mg's at once, better absorption rate
  10. futureMrO

    MOD/ADMINS fucked this place

    damn reddogs still not a MOD
  11. futureMrO

    las vegas

    the whole city of vegas is princes new gimmick haha
  12. futureMrO

    las vegas

    finally able to take a vacation from work mid next month and my girl and i are thinking vegas, now knowing that all you fucks are a bunch of degenerates i figured you all would be the perfect group to gives me some ideas the spots we should hit what we should do, old stories from vegas and maybe...
  13. futureMrO

    Please shooting black people..what do u think

    at least it wasnt in black history month
  14. futureMrO

    what the fuck have you done to IMF

    felt my pants get tighter after that one
  15. futureMrO

    LIKE, or remove the rep limit?

    the peoples choice
  16. futureMrO

    LIKE, or remove the rep limit?

    i herd he was a jew
  17. futureMrO

    I think the DRSE

    the problem is everybody is either a; mod, a rep, a cry baby or a jew. no one has any fun anymore
  18. futureMrO

    Meltdown of the Year/Pathetic Cry for Help

    just give in, fuck it. drugs are totally safe, the guy that sells them to me told me so
  19. futureMrO

    Anus leaking blood.

    just shove a buttplug in their gich