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  1. Bluntson

    Tren here, get your Tren!!!

  2. Bluntson

    Tren here, get your Tren!!!

    Any chance of ever seeing a Euro Pharm brand parabolan (tren hex) in the future? I would drop some hundos for sure. I gotta have some tren base in my life.. soon.. very soon.
  3. Bluntson

    Comment by 'Bluntson' in media 'The Old Fat Pants . . .1 Year Later'

    Brother you look fantastic! Keep on it!
  4. Bluntson

    BOOTY and TITS

    Yep. I like it.
  5. Bluntson

    Best Protein Supplement?

    I stick with optimum nutrition. Gone through alot of brands & that's what works for me.
  6. Bluntson

    Old Newbie

  7. Bluntson

    Looking to meet like minded friends

    Sup! Not a fan of cardio eh? Me neither 😀
  8. Bluntson

    Hello new to the site!

    Welcome to the forums!
  9. Bluntson

    hello guys

    Hi there!
  10. Bluntson

    Anime is awesome

    Me and my old pops love the Studio Ghibli movies. Great stuff for the kids too. Not too much violence and the animation is magical. Been waiting for the new Miyazaki short to come out on dvd/torrent. 'Boro the Caterpillar'...
  11. Bluntson

    Who do you want to run for president in 2020?

    I'm voting Jesse Ventura.
  12. Bluntson

    Poppy seed tea

    Bro just get some good viable poppy seeds and grow them yourself. What you want are the Papavar Somniferum. Not illegal if you dont lance the pods. The seeds are totally legal. Dry the mature pods, collect the seeds, and make tea from the dried stems & leftovers. Plus you have thousands of seeds...
  13. Bluntson

    tracking frozen/

    I get stuff no problem all the time amazon, ebay, international etc. only problems I have had are within the United States, and oddly enough packages to and from Spain.
  14. Bluntson

    PMs /New Guys

    Thanks Z!
  15. Bluntson

    Old Newbie

    Hey guys thought I'd give a shout. Been Lurking for a while. Plus one of my trusted sources is a sponsor here.. love the boards & all the the information available. Cheers!
  16. Bluntson

    New Franco Columbu full interview

    This is awesome. Franco has been one of my favorites for years. He's always seemed so humble compared to all the holywood wannabees.
  17. Bluntson

    ******* CHICKS *******

    mmm.. i love suicide girls