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  1. Pcushion

    Happy July 4th

    On behalf of I hope everyone has a great and safe July 4. We love all you guys Pcushion
  2. Pcushion

    Memorial Day PROMO: US Domestic Warehouse!

    This is just awesome man! It’s too good to miss out on.
  3. Pcushion

    Summer PROMO 2023: Up to $800 of FREE Bonuses Possible!

    BUMP!!! This is the biggest promo we have offered yet.
  4. Pcushion

    Superdrol Now Available! NEW Product DROLOS from Pharmacom Labs!

    Wow that’s really cool. This product has been under development for quite some time. I haven’t run superdrol since 2009. We used to buy this stuff from for like $25 a bottle back in 2007. At that point I had no idea it was a steroid. They didn’t market it like that. It was...
  5. Pcushion

    2023 Spring PROMO! Make new Gains with FREE bonuses!

    Bump! This is an amazing promo, don't miss out.
  6. Pcushion

    Basicstero's "STEEL WINTER" 2023 PROMO!

    This thing is still going guys. Don't wait this opportunity will not last forever.
  7. Pcushion

    Important News: Warehouses Changes Starting 13 February 2023.

    I can confirm the change is active.
  8. Pcushion

    Weekend Plans

    Does anyone care to share their weekend plans? I personally don’t have any, and I was hoping someone could inspire me.
  9. Pcushion

    Still Here

    Bump!!!!! We are also running an amazing promo right now. Our W2 has an amazing new shipping lane. Details for our promo are included in the link below. We love our customers!!!
  10. Pcushion

    Basicstero's "STEEL WINTER" 2023 PROMO!

    Bump!!!! This thing is still hot guys!
  11. Pcushion

    Still Here

    Hey guys I wanted to remind everybody that we are still here. I am still here and more than willing to help anyone with anything. I hope everyone here has a safe rest of their week. Pcushion
  12. Pcushion

    Fall Promo

    Hey guys just a reminder. We have our Fall promo going on right now. Details are as follows: Basicstero's HONEY FALL 2022 PROMO! It comes ONCE A YEAR! Pay with cryptocurrency as usual and get REALLY TRUE bonuses as follows: $300 bonus for orders over $300 $400 bonus for orders over $500 $500...
  13. Pcushion

    Important News

    Hey guys I took this directly from another board I watch over. It’s a message from the big boss. “Dear Customers! We would like to let you know that we have updated our discounts. Some older offers have been removed, but there is now a new discount for free shipping in all warehouses. If you...
  14. Pcushion

    Offering help

    I will add you to my daily prayers. @Multislacking
  15. Pcushion

    Offering help

    The good book says. “If two or more join together.” Your a good man brother. Thank you!
  16. Pcushion

    Offering help

    Hey dudes and dudettes. The name is Pcushion and I am a rep for That’s just the introduction though. This post has nothing to do with gear, buying gear, or the gym. I am just offering prayers for those that need them. Drop a comment below. You don’t have to give details or...
  17. Pcushion

    I just wanted to say hello

    Hey dudes and dudettes. This post has nothing to with gear, buying gear, or the gym. This isn’t a purely pcushion begging someone for a conversation. I know your out there, yeah you, yes, the person reading this right now. Drop a comment, say what’s on your mind. If you need prayers, I can do...
  18. Pcushion

    I thought pharmacon closed

    I had to have looked over the post. Can’t believe I missed it. RT is the man and spot on.
  19. Pcushion

    Emails Working

    Hey guys pcushion here. I can confirm the auto generated emails are indeed working. I placed an order yesterday and received the auto email. I also want to add basicstero customer service is working around the clock the answer all the backed up emails. It’s going to take some time, but they...