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    2g EQ and 400mg Test with no AI....

    subbed for sure! thats a nice cycle you have and seem to be getting good gains brother..up the proviron to 50 to 75mg a day heheh
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    Masteron E

    Ya I am interested to see why have short test but long esters mast
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    Clomid? Controlled substance?

    I'd just throw it in a vitamin bottle as others said Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
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    Masteron E

    I am a fan of long esters.. So like 300mg test enth, 600mg mast enth, 400-600mg tren enth Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
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    Expired test prop

    I can easily dispose of it for ya brother
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    Cholesterol friendly AI

    Great info here guys. I am a big advocate of Aromasin at 25mg ed
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    Cholesterol friendly AI

    This, up to 25mg if needed
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    caber what should I do?

    I assume u won't need caber at 40mg eod too, but it's good to have on hand. If you are concerned about it then hold off until your caber arrives.
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    Tren E or Tren Ace with Sust

    personally I love sust! Although I have never used it with tren
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    futuremrO's log to 240lbs

    I'd say add in glutes and maybe pecs. But with pecs I'd start lower than maybe staff with 1cc to see how it goes. Pecs, slin pin works well but it takes a while to push in the oil.. A 25g 5/8in is perfect imo
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    futuremrO's log to 240lbs

    very nice layout brother!! how many days a week you gonna do inj? they got old for me fast, even at eod lol
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    Rest between sets

    yep yup..then there are some days i take 3 min breaks between sets lol..if i am draggin from work or something ha
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    First Cycle Lab Test Results

    jmo, but if you are on week 7 of 10, your testosterone levels out to be a lot higher than 1474 id up your arom to 25mg a day also yes it is very common for your ASL and AST to be elecated when on an oral..also if you had your lipids checked those would be off too
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    Hi I'm new here.

    welcome to imf
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    3 year lurker

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    New Sponsor: domestic-supply

    i love the way the amps look!!
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    FNG here

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