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  1. Dath

    Running a discount on our Pregnyl HCG 5000 i.u!

    For guys looking to stock up for that next's a good opportunity !!
  2. Dath

    Running a discount on our Pregnyl HCG 5000 i.u! Very nice deal right here!!!
  3. Dath

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome to IRONMAG
  4. Dath


    Will update when there available, i love me some blends :winkfinger:
  5. Dath

    New guy here!!

    Welcome to IRONMAG
  6. Dath

    Thanks GRAnabolic!

    SWEET MAN, nice early xmas present sitting there ! Haha didnt take long to pop the top on one of them badboys :winkfinger:
  7. Dath

    Contest time !!!

    :winkfinger: Enjoy em man, and let us know what you think. I believe there are some labs over on ASF for these sexy amps
  8. Dath

    Bloods update

    Hey brother, I truly appreciate you taking the time to do that...for some reason they didn't come thru on the PM. We've had a few good talks via PM and your a good man, Great assest to the board here !!
  9. Dath


    Welcome to IRONMAG
  10. Dath

    New here

    Welcome to IRONMAG
  11. Dath

    Attention everyone!!!!

    It goes deeper then just Supps !! Your standing up and voicing your ammendment rights. Good post Tanker !! Couldn't rep ya this time
  12. Dath

    Bloods update

    Unless I'm mistaken the pictures will not enlarge if one is not a member.... I have PM'd some instructions to you from GR... to further resolve this.
  13. Dath

    Submit your resume......

    Bump for more potential candidates
  14. Dath


    Welcome to IRONMAG
  15. Dath

    Bloods update

    I Can't see them here or in the other thread... and what was your order number brother? Via pm would be fine you have 10 posts now sir.
  16. Dath


    Welcome to IRONMAG
  17. Dath

    Just wanted to say hi....

    Welcome to IRONMAG
  18. Dath

    New guy

    Welcome to IRONMAG