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  1. Mudge

    Does the Amount of Steroids Required to Maintain Muscle Increase Over Time?

    Folks like Stan Efferding said that maintenance was very easy (comparatively), gaining though gets very difficult with age. So that is where the dose, eating, rest, and hard ass work would come in. He held great muscle on low doses and still looks great (losing weight intentionally).
  2. Mudge

    Should Women Take Small Doses of Testosterone?

    I remember hearing of women who were taking very small doses of test prop once every ~10 days, I don't recall dosage though. There is definitely a risk and it should be closely monitored.
  3. Mudge

    Sex Drive After Tren/Deca Cycle?

    900mg of tren and deca together, how much test were you using? I never liked deca myself, but even in my 20s I dont think I would have tried those two together at those doses. Both are known to shut down many people who do them, so I think the warnings were out there. Clomid hurts me more than...
  4. Mudge

    Painful Tren death cough

    I've have had the sensation that seemed like it got into my lungs and had nasty coughing fits, maybe as long as 10 minutes, that made me ask if I would continue doing the stuff. That said I always knew it would go away and I just had a bad shot. I've never had it hit my vision at all though that...
  5. Mudge

    Test C or Test E ?

    Test Cypionate has a longer ester so it doesn't make sense that it kicks in faster. I prefer Test E because I can mix it up at very high concentrations, pain free. Its a lot like EQ, somewhat molten at room temperature.
  6. Mudge

    50 years old and still juicing pros and cons.

    I did a lot of saw palmetto when BPH became a problem for me, Anadrol brought that issue on. I don't touch anything that makes those issues flare up. HRT and maybe a little extra is good enough, if you put in the work.
  7. Mudge


    If he died from 700mg of caffeine he definitely had issues already. I've gone way over there numerous times in my life. Its sad that he is gone, but a couple strong Starbucks would do the same thing. You can't sue everyone who puts caffeine in their products.
  8. Mudge

    Walking Dead NY Times review

    The long, long breaks on the show really suck :( I'm watching the new spin-off, its ok.
  9. Mudge

    my 505 incline

    Pretty fuckin strong!
  10. Mudge

    injection site pain test c

    Have you done quad shots before without problems? You need to start ruling things out. I personally never found a good spot to hit on quads, and once had my left leg swell up 2" over normal. I could barely put my pants on, happened twice and I quit trying quads again.
  11. Mudge

    Probably my last REAL cycle....going loud!!

    Looks like a real beast of a cycle! I'm a year older, and my back, neck (rear, slipped discs), and right shoulder all warn me from time to time so I tend to take it easy these days. More volume, lighter weights, more careful with my movements (what I do and how I do them).
  12. Mudge

    Bench press 315x16

    Very nice. I did 315x12 no spotter once upon a time, probably could have gotten 14 or 15 at my very peak.
  13. Mudge

    Anadrol cycle length..Looking for VETS to chime in

    Wow, never heard of 400mg, if thats legit that is truly insane. My prostate would be HUGE.
  14. Mudge

    "The Grey Top" my new favorite HGH!

    You guys make GH sound right exciting all over again. Very near 40, its getting close to time to experiment.
  15. Mudge

    Who gets treated like a freak in public

    I like that one, or I'll come out with "at least 135, I'm sure of it."
  16. Mudge

    Who gets treated like a freak in public

    I'm probably old enough now that I'm outside of any group of people who would approach me to act like I'm a freak, and floating 265-270 I'm not. But every now and then, leaving the gym, someone may rant on about how they used to be in shape or I may get asked how I do it - usually by people who...
  17. Mudge

    Anal sex

    Some dig it, some don't. Hurray for those that appreciate it! lol
  18. Mudge

    Orals and Prostate

    Anadrol is the only one that really gets me, but saw palmetto fixes that issue.
  19. Mudge

    My Journey to a 450+ lbs bench

    If you can't get halo, you can always do DROL. You'll be raping gorillas and eating steel, love the stuff. Every kind of weight you touch feels like you can handle it.
  20. Mudge

    Anadrol cycle length..Looking for VETS to chime in

    Hmm, because its awesome? I've done 3 months, no problems. I've heard of guys going up to 300mg, we're talking, inhuman types. I've gone as high as 200mg which I've never done since, after around the 4 week mark I started to get an itch. I got my liver tested and I was 25% over normal (I want...