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  1. Shin Inno

    Tirzepatide test

  2. Shin Inno

    Weight loss peptides are in stock

    Hi everyone, Inno can provide many kinds of peptides. if you have any request, please feel free to reach out. Currently the weight loss peptides Semaglutide, Tirzepatide and the new peptide Retatrutide are all in stock. Welcome to inquiry. Shin
  3. Shin Inno

    Tirzepatide Semaglutide on Sale!

    Hi friends, currently we do special sale on semaglutide and tirzepatide, the price is much cheaper than usual. If you have the interest, please shot us email. Shin inno -
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    Hello to all

    Thank you friend:) -
  5. Shin Inno

    Hello to all

    Hi friend, thank you for your advice, we are already a new coming sponsor here :) Shin -
  6. Shin Inno

    What products we offer and how to order?

    Hey all friends here, As a new sponsor on the forum, we have to be let everyone know more about us, any suggestions will be grealy appreciated. WHAT we offer? We supply all kinds of Peptides lyophilized powder, and Raw materials of Steroids, Samrs, Nootropics, Cosmetic peptides. Hot sales...
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    New Sponsor: Inno Peptides - First sales !!!

    Quality is guaranteed, tested qualified, whole price. Welcome to email for list
  8. Shin Inno

    New Sponsor: Inno Peptides - First sales !!!

    Greetings from Inno Peptides to all ASF friends! This is Shin from Inno Peptides, we are a specialized manufacturer of Peptides, Sarms, AAS raw powders and also some Nootropics raw materials. We offer a variety of options and top quality products for all customers. Glad to be here:LOL: Welcome...
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    Hello to all

    Hi everyone, very glad to be a member here:giggle: I look forward to doing something meaningful here.