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  1. solidassears

    Where is Admin?

    I've sent emails and messages here and no reply. What's UP with that?
  2. solidassears


    All this is true, but I would add that it is vital to life in perfect form too. I see so many people in they gym trying to life heavy weights and using all sort of contortions trying to get the weight up no matter what. If you want to improve your performance and how you look make sure you're...
  3. solidassears

    Skimmed milk powder, is there any point?

    Skim milk is a worthless scam they add sugar to it so you will drink the shit! Check the carbs on whole milk compared to Skim 1%, and 2% they all have more carbs than whole milk because they add sugar to it or no one would drink it.
  4. solidassears

    Lifting lighter weights for many reps can

    Yup I knew that and have been doing just that because at my age, heavy can cause an injury so easily. It sucks but that's the reality
  5. solidassears

    What do females need?

    She's mid 30's has one child in good shape, but wants to be and look leaner.. and stronger
  6. solidassears

    What do females need?

    What can females take or cycle for cutting and muscle gain? I have no clue and a woman I know is asking me..
  7. solidassears

    How Soon After My Workout Should I Eat, and What’s the Best Thing to Eat After I Train?

    I've always thought from reading long ago to get in some protein within 20 minutes, I usually take two protein shakes with me to the gym, one incase I feel I need fuel during the work out and the second one for right after. Can't even remember where I got that from, but it seems to work well.
  8. solidassears

    Should You Eat Chicken Or Fish For Best Fat Loss While Retaining Muscle?

    Sheesh, really? Everyone knows if you want to lose weight and keep muscle you eat PUSSY
  9. solidassears

    Are Women Attracted To Muscles?

    Nope, the magic is money and dependability
  10. solidassears

    How raising taxes on the rich brings down inflation?

    Admitting to being Democrat is admitting you're mentally ill.
  11. solidassears

    How raising taxes on the rich brings down inflation?

    Is this Camel Face's Sister?
  12. solidassears

    Elon Musk Suggests New Platform Needed In Place of Twitter, Posts Poll

    He could also just buy twitter and straighten it out..
  13. solidassears

    5 Ways To Know You’re Actually Fit

    Sounds great if you're 20.
  14. solidassears

    Little Wing needs our help!

    Lots of people who have no sense live there, the ones with sense are leaving ASAP.
  15. solidassears

    Way to go, Amsterdam

    Very kewl, I hate WOKE and they're crapping on the WOKERS
  16. solidassears

    From gums to brain

    I would not have believed this, but I've just had a real life experience with this sort of thing. About a year ago I had a dental appointment and in the process I had a cavity filled and the dentist told me I need to get a root canal on the back tooth on the right of my lower jaw. He showed me...
  17. solidassears

    Betty White Dead at 99

    Betty was a gem, she will be missed!
  18. solidassears

    Blaskroids Scam

    They delivered one order, then disappeared, I should not have put extra money in their damn wallet, but I thought I would be getting more
  19. solidassears

    Blaskroids Scam

    It appears they are gone with the money here is what I got: Address not foundYour message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.